Best Autobiographies of Basketball Heroes

Fans consider these great athletes the best in the entire NBA hsitory .

Cover of the book 'Kobe Bryant: Mamba Mentality'

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These magnificent basketball players have developed, over time, a huge list of followers who classify them as successful, famous and, above all, exemplary idols for their careers when overcoming difficulties. Within his biographies there are great episodes of personal improvement, persistence and triumphs .

1- Kobe Bryant

In this book called The Mamba Mentality. How To Play: How I Play reflects a personal aspect and nuance of his existence and his profession as a basketball player . In the same way, it expresses a way of offering and imparting information about all their ability and talent in the game, to move us to a Mamba thought.

This best seller has 12,489 ratings on the Amazon web portal, of which 92% are 5 stars, it is even categorized as number 8 among the Basketball classification.


2- James Harden

In the book called James Harden: The Inspiring Story of One of Basketball's Premier Shooting Guards (Basketball Biography Books) the reader can find the inspiring story that the athlete had , which was a mixture of genes of skill, competence, renown, gifts and the character of playing , training them as basketball superheroes. It is important to mention that one of the issues that distinguishes them is the particularity with which they implement their talent in the games.

This best seller has 29 ratings on the Amazon web portal, of which 76% are 5 stars , ranking 11th in the Biography of Athletes for young people.

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3- LeBron James

In the cited compendium LeBron James: The Inspiring Story of One of Basketball's Greatest Players (Basketball Biography Books), the NBA star was chosen as a prodigy in high school when he was 18 years old, because of his skills, aptitudes and competitive skills were formidable. James was even considered the next super star. For this reason, the Amazon web portal published a best seller in his honor that tells the amazing story of triumphs, awards and successes, including the losses of LeBron James .

The book has 164 ratings on the Amazon web portal, of which 76% are 5 stars, it is also categorized as number 37 in the ranking of Biography of Athletes for young people .


4- Michael Jordan

All Michael Jordan fans have to read Michael Jordan: The Life so they can enjoy watching the baskets he has made, harmonizing his skills with his intelligence. In the same way, it generated extraordinary and amazing circumstances in the history of basketball.


On the other hand, this book has 885 ratings on the Amazon web portal, of which 80% are 5 stars , which place it as number 90 in the Basketball classification.


5- Larry Bird

This great work designated Larry Bird, B: When the Game Was Ours shows the invincible duel in the NBA between Larry Bird and Magic Johnson . Regardless of the differences and their competition, both relied on the basketball to succeed. This incredible story makes fans travel back in time and experience it .

This text has 434 ratings on the Amazon web portal, of which 80% are 5 stars, reaching number 185 in the Basketball classification.

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