Carlota Planas Becomes the New Legend of Women’s Football

Traditionally, the sports sector has been considered only of the male gender, but it is gaining strength towards the female side every day.

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Historically, the struggle that women have perpetrated in sport has been effective and constant. However, some movements have expanded sports activity equally for all. A study called "Women, Sport and Technology" conducted by Movewoman and published by InTheMove, reveals that the purpose is to bring physical exercise and healthy lifestyle habits to women through technology. The data collected indicate that the projects support the reduction of the gender gap of sports activity not only as a hobby but also in the professional field.

Who Was Carlota Planas Before She Shone as a Leader?

Carlota Planas has a degree in journalism and later did some specializations in Business Administration and Management. She is an expert in identifying and managing female talents. That is why he founded the first Marketing Agency for female athletes called Unik Sports Management Agency.

In recent years, she has strived to bring passion to UEFA football training. In addition, to be coordinator and specialist in women's football awarded by the Catalan Football Federation, according to the LinkedIn website.


What Are the Expectations of Women’s Football With Carlota Planas at the Helm?

The possibilities of growth in women's sport with a leader like Carlota Planas at the helm detail a rather interesting panorama. The trends of the women's sports industry represent a new opportunity with new proposals and the struggle of women activists. A study called "The Rise of Women's Sports" by Nielsen Sports reveals that opportunity has been maximized in women's sports. The data collected indicates that 84% of sports fans, in general, have a marked interest in women's sports. The findings confirm that 49% of women and 51% of men are interested in women's sports.

According to, the recent interview with the Manager in Conexión Deportiva, reveals that she represents 42 players from different countries in the Unik Sports Management Agency. The leader thinks that the key to any sport is visibility, investment, and training, these are the supports that are required to grow. The agency has a background of possibilities, which encourage the group of players to improve their skills and techniques.

On the other hand, they are constantly looking for leading referents so that the players have a training base, such as Ornella Desirre Bellia, FIFA's professional head of professional football, who has managed to break many barriers. In addition, Patricia Rodríguez, current vice president of the league, both have come to take control of the leadership of football at the business level.

The Agency Unik Sports Management Incorporates Young Women in the Sports Market

It is an agency that leads in the professionalization of women's football teaching and transmits values for its competitive performance. The branch has Italian, French, English, Portuguese, Argentine, Mexican, Chinese, and Brazilian athletes. This company seeks the possibility of generating agreements that allow new sources of income for its players, according to its web portal.

In short, the new professional legend breaks great barriers by running an agency of women's footballers. The pioneer has managed to deliver several sponsorship contracts to the players of her group, to emerge in her Marketing Agency.

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