Why do New Generations of New Parents Feel Lonely?

Being a new parent is one of the best experiences, but it is also a constant concern.

Parents holding their newborn baby

Confinement led to a sense of isolation and, worse, with a baby. Photo: Unsplash

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The health crisis of COVID-19 accelerated the issue of internet connection, this generated that the new generations of parents are super connected with other people. However, the confinement caused a sense of isolation and, worse still, with a baby on board.

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A study by the Nestlé Parenting Index reveals that a third of parents worldwide feel lonely. However, how is it that they have those kinds of feelings if they live in a world that is constantly connected and with access to the internet? After interviewing more than 8,000 people in 16 countries, it was concluded that the factor that affects the most is pressure. The findings indicate that this impact contributes 23% to the emotional stability of the parents. In this sense, the pressure can be both internal and external and is even related to the family, work and social environment.

Less experience & more concern

This report reveals that countries such as Sweden, Chile, and Germany are the best countries for first-time parenting. However, this is not the only factor. In each environment there are difficulties that affect the ability to have children or the training that they can be given. Being parents is a great responsibility and the environment where children are raised influences, but we must emphasize the values that can be instilled in them.

  • Loneliness exists despite the benefits presented by social media. Digital media allow us to be constantly and 100% communicated. However, these channels affect interpersonal communications.
  • Social shame. During the COVID-19 health crisis, peer pressure and the opinion of others negatively influence first-time parents seeking to fit in in a world full of imperfections.
  • The reality of being parents. The vast majority of people do not feel ready to assume parenthood. Being a parent is not just having a child, it is raising a child with good manners and principles.

Are you affected by being a new parent?

Parents, being in this situation of stress and anxiety, can transfer these negative energies to the children. These are some of the sensations that being a new parent can generate.

  • Pressure from society.
  • Economic aspect.
  • You consider high expectations for your family.
  • Comparisons.
  • Fear and insecurity.

Tips so that being a new father does not affect you

  • Get informed without becoming obsessed.
  • Talk to other parents about their experiences, they all have different experiences.
  • Consult with professional specialists in the area to clear up doubts and learn other tips.
  • To manage time. When you have a baby, time is very limited, because they require our full attention. However, with a good organization it can be done.
  • Be informed about feeding and other important aspects related to the baby.

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