Copa América Beach Soccer 2023: The Growth of The Sport in the Sand

The Copa América of beach soccer has left great surprises, it has also given a great show to all its spectators. We tell you the summary of this competition.

Brazil champion of the Copa América of beach soccer

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Latin American beach soccer has been increasing the level over the years. Several countries belonging to Conmebol are promoting their teams and players, in order to be among the best teams in the world, becoming great powers in this sport.

The king of sand

As expected, Brazil has won the Copa América title. During all this competition, the 'Canarinha' showed that it is various steps ahead of all its rivals, getting a new championship without any problem.

The power has been so scandalous that the Brazilians have obtained excellent statistics, being the team with the highest number of goals scored in the entire tournament. In addition to this, they have defeated Argentina in the final, a commitment that from start to finish was dominated by the Brazilian players.


Argentina has done everything possible to keep the title of this competition, taking advantage of the fact that this edition of the tournament has been held in the city of Rosario. However, the 'Albiceleste' has come across a fantastic moment from the Brazilian National Team, which far surpassed it in the two games it played in this competition.

Despite not winning the championship, Argentina has been left with second place in the competition, an aspect that has made its fans very satisfied, who have seen great growth in its team and its players. The gauchos will be participating in the next World Cup that will take place in the United Arab Emirates.

The big surprise

Colombia came to this competition with big Administrative and sporting problems, which had left the Colombian team diminished. Despite this and against all odds, the 'Tricolor' had the chance to reach the final stages of the competition, being one step away from fighting for the title of this tournament.

By taking third place in this championship, the Colombian National Team got a direct place for the next World Cup in this sport for the first time in its history. This is the most important achievement for all the Colombian players, who have mentioned that they will go with recharged energies to leave the country's name high.

Unexpected results

The Paraguayan National Team arrived as one of the great favorites for the title for this competition, remembering that they were considered one of the powers in this sport in Latin America and that they were the current holders of the championship. However, as the days went by, the 'Guaraníes' proved to be far from the expected level.

As a consequence of this, Paraguay has been left with fourth place in this competition, leaving their fans quite disappointed, since they had one of their worst performances in recent years. As if this were not enough, their defense has not been up to par in the tournament, which is why they have ended up being one of the most thrashed teams in the championship.

The big disappointment

The selections of Venezuela and Ecuador were classified as the worst in this competition. The 'Vinotinto' has played only four games in this tournament. In these duels, the Venezuelan national team lost resoundingly against all their rivals, which is why they ended their participation in this Copa América with 17 goals against.

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For its part, Ecuador had the same results as the Venezuelan team, since it lost its four matches. However, the 'Tri' leaves this competition with 30 goals against, a statistic that has all their fans very concerned and especially their managers, who are already working to empower this group of players.

Looking to the future

Finally, it is worth highlighting the work of Chile and Uruguay, teams that were fighting in the final phases of the championship, but could not overcome the great contenders of the championship. This is why the growth of this pair of selected players has to continue along the same path, since, if they continue with this game, they will be able to achieve better results in the coming years.

Conmebol will be represented by Brazil, Argentina and Colombia, teams that have the great objective of raising the name of the continent in the next world championship in the United Arab Emirates. In this, all Latin Americans hope to see the best version of these three teams, so that they reach the final stages of the competition and demonstrate the growth of this sport in the region.

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