David Trezeguet: From Soccer Star to Club’s Vice President

David Trezeguet ran for the position of vice president of River Plate in the elections to be held next December, a change that, if materialized, would not be the first time in the history of soccer.

David Trezeguet wearing the River Plate shirt

His achievements as a footballer, his love for the jersey and the experience he has already accumulated as an ambassador for Juventus of Italy, endorse former striker David Trezeguet as a candidate for the vice-presidency of River Plate. Photo: IG-trezeguetofficial

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His achievements as a player, his love for River Plate and the experience he has already accumulated as an ambassador for Juventus of Italy, endorse former striker David Trezeguet as a candidate for the vice-presidency of Club in Argentina, a position for which he has applied and will be decided in the coming month of December.

After closing his work cycle with the "Vecchia Signora", the French-Argentine, who already wore the colors of the millionaire team in the final stage of his career as a player, joined the list headed by the opposition candidate, Antonio Caselli and that will mark the closing of the successful cycle of Rodolfo D 'Onofrio as president.

The world champion with France in 1998, is already campaigning together with Caselli and, according to Radio La Red, he does so because he intends to help a River that is "badly structured because it has to go back to being a club of members, beyond the fact that the institution is on the right track in the sporting aspect ", in statements that were also reflected by La Nación.

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But beware that Trezeguet would not be the first former soccer player to become a leader and less so in Argentina where it already happened with Juan Román Riquelme in Boca Juniors, José Laguna with Huracán, Luis Cerezo also with the Xeneize entity, Héctor Grondona with Independiente and the remembered Daniel Alberto Pasarella with the same River Plate.

Why with River Plate?

Trezeguet, who is also remembered for his two goals in the 2002 Euro final against Italy – which gave the Gauls the European title – was born in Rouen (France), grew up in Villa Martelli (Buenos Aires) and currently resides in Turin (Italy), but still he feels more Argentine than anyone.

Why? Well, because he made his professional debut at the age of 16 in Platense before going to Europe where he played with Monaco, “Juve”, Hercules from Spain, and then in Asia with Baniyas from the United Arab Emirates. In December 2011, Trezeguet joined River to compete in the Second Division and ended up being a figure in the return of the millionaire team to the first Division. He then played for Newell's Old Boys and closed his career at Pune City in India.

David exposes his reasons why he wants to occupy a leadership position in the red band box. “Today in River everything is blocked, you do not have access to any type of reference. If you go to the pool, you have to pay separately”, compiled La Nación.

Gallardo continuity

It is no secret to anyone that River's successes in the last seven years bear the stamp of its coach Marcelo Gallardo, of whom there has been much speculation about the end of the cycle and a necessary jump to a more prestigious soccer. However, Trezeguet has other plans and these are none other than to extend the stay of the "Muñeco" on the bench of the club.

Both were players and they coincided in times. In fact, they were part of Ligue 1 champion Monaco in the 99/2000 season. In this regard, Trezeguet told the Argentine press: “When we met, he (Gallardo) was 22 years old and I was 21. We were very young, how to imagine the coach that Marcelo would be. He was the magic of soccer and I liked to score goals. He gave River back the identity, that identity with which he grew up and a remarkable prestige ”.

Caselli, owner of Burgos de España, has given all his support to his new teammate to face the next elections at Núñez's club. The formula will remain firm for the elections at the end of this year in which they will compete against Carlos Trillo, Matías Barreiro and Luis Belli, and against the ruling party represented in Jorge Brito, Matías Patanian and Ignacio Villarroel. D'Onofrio, current president, will close his stage as president of River after eight years in office.

Other cases

Juan Sebastián Verón became, on October 4, 2014, the president of Estudiantes de la Plata. In 2017 he was reelected and appointed by the shareholders' meeting until 2020.

At the international level, Javier Zanetti has been vice president of Inter of Italy since June 2014. While Claudio Tapia is the current president of the Argentine Football Association (AFA) and has a past as a professional in Barracas Central and San Telmo.

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