Do you know them? The best scorers in sports history

Be it football, basketball, or baseball in every sport there has always been someone who does it better than the others and scores more than anyone.

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar

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Each sport has its way of counting points or scoring, it can be a goal in soccer, a run in baseball or even a basket in basketball. However, in an individual sport like tennis only the tournaments won count. In the end, although their names may not be known, these athletes are the most effective in scoring points.


Baseball is won by running, and that's what American Hank Aaron was good at. During his major league baseball career between 1954 and 1976, Aaron scored a total of 2,297 runs , thanks to his 3,771 hits and 755 home runs – which was a record-breaking home run stat for 33 years – all in 12,364 at-bats he had during his career. 

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Hank Aaron served as a fielder and second baseman in the Atlanta Braves for almost his entire career, except for the last year, retiring in the Milwaukee Brewers , in 1982 he would be inducted into the hall of fame, according to MLB data. The closest active baseball player to Aaron's number is Dominican Albert Pujols, with 2075 runs during his career, he is currently 40 years old and plays for Los Angeles, according to ESPN.



No one has hit more buckets than Kareem Abdul-Jabbar. The 2.18-meter American started his career in 1970 with the Milwaukee Bucks and would retire in 1989 with the Los Angeles Lakers, the only teams he played with in the NBA. Thanks to his height and performance, he became the highest historical scorer in the world's largest basketball league, with a total of 38,387 points in his 1,560 games , according to ESPN figures.

Another record set by Abdul-Jabbar is being the six-time Most Valuable Player of the regular season, earning three with Milwaukee and three with The Lakers. He is closely followed by LeBron James , the Lakers forward who has scored 33,849 points to date , so with his 35 years of age, he is in third place of the top scorers in the history of this sport, according to the NBA.



Contrary to popular belief, Pelé is not the highest scorer in history, despite the fact that the Brazilian "king" claims to have scored more than a thousand goals, the reality is that statistics only count goals from official or friendly matches ( in case of selections). For this reason, the Rec.Sport.Soccer Statistics Foundation, an organization dedicated to collecting official figures in soccer, has positioned Josef Bican as top scorer, the Austrian scored 805 goals since he began his career in 1931 until 1956. However, Bican was never recognized in the soccer world, in fact, he had to work in construction  after his retirement, according to ABC.

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His record  will stay intact for a few years, since the closest active footballer to the number is the Portuguese Cristiano Ronaldo, with 724 goals so far already at 35 years old , according to Transfermarkt data.



Again, the highest record is held by a player who has already retired, in this case, the American Jimmy Connors is the tennis player with the most individual titles won in history, with 109 ATP tournaments obtained in his career, which began in 1972 and ended in 1996, playing 1,557 games in which he took the victory on 1274 occasions, according to data from the ATP Tour. Now, it is quite possible that Connors will lose his record, as the Swiss Roger Federer has 103 individual titles , and still continues to play phenomenally, in fact, he is currently in third place in the ATP ranking at 38 year old.


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