Do you wanna have fun working out? Try these 3 exercises

Do you want to exercise and have fun at the same time? Here we present you some training methods that could help you achieve your goals

Do you wanna have fun working out? Try these 3 exercises

The sports world is constantly evolving because every day there are more disciplines that are combined to create more effective and fun methods with the aim of encouraging physical activity and leaving sedentary lifestyle aside. Here you can find some of them.

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One of the newest disciplines focused on improving physical and mental well-being is B3B, a new training method that combine bicycles, boxing and ballet to burn calories and release stress, providing physical and mental well-being for women who practice it. According to the B3B Woman Studio website, this method seeks to create the best climate to achieve a fun, unique, motivating, dynamic and effective training to achieve the expected results.

This new discipline is exclusively for women, since it seeks to create an exclusive community in which they feel completely comfortable doing physical activity. According to El Mundo, B3B is an excellent option for women who want to lose fat, burn calories, tone up and increase levels of positivity and vitality in just 45 minutes.

Currently, this discipline is only available in Spain. However, it is believed that it will spread very quickly all over the world due to its excellent results.


According to Lifestyle, this new discipline combines boxing with kickboxing, muay thai, crossfit and functional exercises (exercises that mimic daily movements) that enhance fat burning, increase strength and release stress. Each class lasts around 60 minutes, in which approximately 1000 kilocalories are burned in a very fast and fun way, as published by Fitnatura.

This sport is ideal for those people who are under a lot of stress and need to release energy, keep fit, burn fat and tone up. In addition, it can be practiced by people with or without experience of any age due to it versatility.

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However, people who start in this new sport should start gradually and learn the correct placement of bandages and gloves to avoid injuries by hitting the bag. In Latin America, this sport can be done in Colombia and Argentina.

The Piloxing

The mentioned sport combines pilates with boxing to lose weight, tone, strengthen and improve flexibility and endurance. This method was created by the Swedish Viveca Jensen in Beverly Hills, United States, who after being forced to withdraw from the ballet decided to be a pilates and boxing instructor, and thanks to her training she managed to create one of the most effective sports today. .

This new discipline can be developed by anyone who wants to improve their physical condition while improving their physical appearance. In an interview with The Active Age, Viveca Jensen explained that "there are three types of Piloxing: the original program of Piloxing, Piloxing Barre and Piloxing Knockout".

"The original Piloxing program is a non-stop cardio fusion of standing pilates, boxing and dance that combines the power, speed and agility of boxing with the sculpture and flexibility of pilates.The dance movements that I add are to tone the muscle, burn fat and increase endurance," she said. In Latin America, this sport can be practiced in Chile, Argentina and Mexico.


LatinAmerican Post | Andrea del Pilar Rojas Riaño

Translated from "¡Ponte en forma y diviértete con estos 3 populares deportes!"

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