End of a Real Madrid golden age: what will the Spanish club do?

The departure of Zidane from the white club brings with it two possible scenarios to the squad, which are already being evaluated by the directives

End of a Real Madrid golden age: what will the Spanish club do?

The unexpected departure of Real Madrid Zinedine Zidane, father of a feat difficult to repeat in European football, has left more than one stupefied, with many questions in the environment, especially about the future of the template. Real Madrid has just put the best icing on their 'cake merengue' and is having won four of the last five Champions Leagues played, (the first with Carlo Ancelotti in 2014), and three of them consecutively.

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Therefore, after the farewell of the French coach of the White House, we must ask ourselves, what will be the future of the team? And above all, will there be an end of the cycle within the institution, or will the base of the players that conquered three ears of apples remain?

End of cycle?

About this possibility, we must start by saying that without his main character (Zidane), and with his banner of the field anticipating his intentions to leave the club (Cristiano Ronaldo), a possible end to the all-powerful winning generation of three Champions could be closer than it seems.

The Portuguese star has already stated that his continuity in the Real is not guaranteed and will study in the coming days if he stays or leaves the institution, news that ignited the alarms when announced just after the duel in Kiev.

What is certain is that if CR7 leaves, it has to be said that the end of this merengue period could be materialized, because for no one is it a secret that the payroll was made by Zidane based on him, and without him in the team and of course without the coach who built the eleven, names and insurance forms will start to change.


Talking about finishing a three-time European squad sounds strange. However, for those who know the environment of the Real, they know that some unusual events have always surrounded the club, and you only have to resort to the most recent memories of criticized departures such as: Carlo Ancelotti, James Rodriguez, Xabi Alonso, Álvaro Morata, and even Pepe, who, being champions, said goodbye to the institution untimely.

It is also true that, regardless of the achievement of the three ears and the exit of the French strategist, there are already some players who have been in the target of the fans. Gareth Bale, Benzema and Keylor Navas himself; each time they entered the Santiago Bernabéu program, they were criticized angrily. Therefore, we will have to see how much the directors of the club can continue going against their hobby to keep three pieces, that although it is true they have known how to be performers, people consider that in the market they can get good pieces to replace them.

The certain thing is that, with or without Zidane, and with or without the legendary base of players who won everything, the Real is forced to continue looking for the glory, not only at European level as it has reached in these last three years, but also in the local terrain, because it is not necessary to forget that in this last season, they were more than 15 points away from Barcelona, ​​and that is something that for sure they will not want to be repeated again.


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