Etiene Medeiros: the young Brazilian who triumphs in the aquatic championships

After her triumph at the 2017 World Aquatics Championships, the Brazilian athlete is preparing for the 2018 Olympic Games in Tokyo

Etiene Medeiros: the young Brazilian who triumphs in the aquatic championships

The Brazilian swimmer Etiene Medeiros is one of the strongest cards for the 2020 Olympic Games in Tokyo, after being world champion in Budapest. In 2017, the Brazilian won the gold medal in the 50 metres backstroke at the World Aquatics Championships held in Hungary, becoming the first Brazilian to achieve it. Today, after overcoming a shoulder injury, the young athlete is preparing to reach the podium in Tokyo 2020, after ranking eighth in Rio 2016.

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Her beginnings in swimming

Medeiros was a year old when she first swam in the pool of a school located in Imbiribeira. According to Ranking Tur, her parents opted for the practice of swimming because she suffered from asthma. Her childhood was not easy, since she suffered several asthma attacks and several times she had to absent herself from swimming. However, this situation did not prevent her from triumphing in a sport that has given her many joys, satisfactions and recognitions.

At four years old, the Brazilian joined the club Rubro-negro Pernambucano. Later, Medeiros came to the most advanced classrooms where she showed her talent. "I had many goals and with peace and tranquility I have achieved them," she said in a documentary called "Water, Sweat, and Dreams". Her first medal was won at the Nordestinho Mini-Mirim Festival and in 2003 she won three silver medals in the Brazilian Children's Championship. The Brazilian athlete added that in the water she feels free, that she has a great affection for the water and that thanks to it she has lived many things.

First level achievements

According to Revista Forum, this swimmer got used to breaking myths. In 2008, the young woman was the first Brazilian to go to the podium in world championships. On that occasion she won the silver medal in the 50 metres backstroke at the Youth World Swimming Champshionships. In Doha, Qatar she won gold in the short pool. The same media explained that she triumphed in the 2015 Pan American Games in Toronto, where she won the gold in the 100 metres backstroke. In other high-level competitions, such as the long-course World Championships in Kazan, she won silver and was a two-time champion in Windsor Canada.

"It is not easy to win medals and for that, work, training and the search for a dream is essential," the Brazilian told TV Gazeta and added to Gazeta Esportiva that the important thing is the dedication, effort and passion that should serve as a reference for others.

Looking towards Tokyo

After overcoming a shoulder surgery, the young athlete is preparing to face the different events of the Olympic cycle where the final goal is Tokyo 2020. "People do not know who will be in 2020, there is not much time left, and I am focused on competing," said the champion to Olimpíada todo dia. Then she added that in 2019 she will face the Pan American and the World Cup in South Korea, and that she is tracing each goal with her coach Fernando Vanzella. According to Terra, the goal of the swimmer is to maintain their good scores and therefore follows a planning with goals.

The media emphasized that Medeiros trains five hours a day, from Monday to Saturday. This renowned Latin American athlete has given great achievements to her country in swimming and her most precious goal is to get on the podium in Tokyo.

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