Favorites to play the Super Bowl 2020

The Baltimore team for the American Conference and those of San Francisco for the National are the great candidates to play the decisive game in Miami.

San Francisco 49ers players.

San Francisco 49ers players. / Photo: Abbie Parr / Getty Images

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After the elimination of two heavyweights like the outgoing champion New England Patriots and the New Orleans Saints just in the wild card round, the 2019-2020 NFL is emerging, except for some clear surprise, for its Super Bowl to be played by the Baltimore Ravens and the San Francisco 49ers, the two big sets of the regular round at each of the conferences.

In fact, it is already certain that, for the first time in 10 years, the final of the American Football will not have its two great quarterbacks of recent times, Tom Brady and Peyton Manning. This has not happened since in 2010 the conference final was played by Pittsburgh Steelers and New York Jets. From there, Brady and his Patriots were always present at the end of the aforementioned conference.

Is this a year of renewal?

It seems so, as it also looks like it could be the end of a cycle of the Brady-Patriots era. Quarterbacks Lamar Jackson (Ravens) and Patrick Mahomes (Chiefs) aim to be the new 'masters of the game' alongside a Deshaun Watson, with fewer reflectors but much quality. None reach 25 years.

In the National again the Saints failed, who last year lost an incredible game in the finals against Los Angeles Rams, in which many said it was their season. In this harvest, the numbers of their leader Drew Breese and company were similar, but they did not reach them to advance directly to the second postseason round and again, incredibly, they were surprised, this time by the Minnesota Vikings.

In addition to the 49ers, the main favorite for their powerful offensive, the Seahawks paint to be their main rival with Russell Wilson at the helm, while the Green Bay Packers with Aaron Rodgers are the others with some chance to surprise, but they will measure each other in the semifinals

Vikings, it seems that he already did a lot leaving the Saints on the road. The truth is that there is a high probability that in the National quarterback that arrives at the Super Bowl is not of such experience unless they are the mentioned Wilson or Rodgers.

All roads lead to Maryland

Have we said it is the best offense in the league? Well, in addition to that, they have a powerful ground attack and a Marcus Peters who has been the great defensive guide. It is a team that also knows how to defend itself on both flanks (air and land). As if that were not enough, from the technical direction John Harbaugh already knows what it is to win a pennant, and, in addition, it is a healthy team with few injuries.

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San Francisco brings them

The competitive level is what characterizes this version of the bay team. In none of the 16 games of the regular calendar, they lowered their arms until they culminated. Kyle Shanahan is doing an interesting job as a coach, getting the best version of his star, Jimmy Garoppolo, who has been well accompanied by Richard Sherman on the field.

They will always play as locals (semi-final and hypothetical final) but perhaps the inexperience of this group to play this kind of game and the pressure involved in being local may be a factor against.


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Chiefs for Ravens and Seahawks for 4ers seem to be the main contenders to break the logic, but the defenses of both teams, the weak point of both this season, indicate that it will be difficult to contain the attacks of Ravens and 49ers, the Super favorites to be on February 2 playing the Super Bowl in Miami.

Note that this Saturday and Sunday will be played the conference semifinals and there will also be the Tennessee Titans, the Green Bay Packers, the Houston Texans, and the Minnesota Vikings, which although they have few possibilities in the role, could give some surprise.

In the American, the crosses will be Ravens vs. Titans and the winner will go against the winner of the Chiefs s vs. Texans, while for the National the commitments will be between the 49ers versus Vikings, and whoever goes ahead will subsequently collide against the Seahawks winner against Packers

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