‘Parasite’ is now available in Latin America

Here all you have to know about the Korean success.

Frame of the trailer for the movie 'Parasite'.

Frame of the trailer for the movie ‘Parasite’. / Photo: youtube.com/IGN

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For months we have been talking about this Korean film that is going around the world and this week, finally, has been released in Latin America. This is the film directed and written by Bong Joon-ho, who has already received some awards for the film, which for some would be a masterpiece. Here everything about the film.

What is 'Parasite' about?

Although the Latin American public is not familiar with Korean and Oriental cinema in general (one proof of this, is how late the film is coming to Latin American billboards), the theme of 'Parasite' may be suspiciously close. And it is that social classes not only seem to be a universal theme but that the films that explore the ominousness of when they are played seem to speak directly to Latin America. For the show, we should see the impact, for example, of a film like Rome, released just over a year ago and of a particularly Latin American theme.

In the movie, we will see, then, two families. One in bankruptcy, unemployed parents and living in a basement that serves as their home. The eldest son will start working by giving private lessons to the daughter of the other family, the wealthy Park. The two worlds will begin to touch each other subtly first and then in unsuspected ways in their similarities and differences. As a result, this thriller and comedy film that is a commentary on the ways in which these characters from worlds that appear to be opposed to dialogue.

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Why is he going around the world? 'Parasite' has been awarded multiple times. In the first place, it was awarded the Golden Palm of the Cannes Film Festival in its 2019 version and is with this the only Korean film that has taken this recognition. Last Sunday he won the Golden Globe for Best Foreign Film and is one of the most popular and pre-nominated candidates for Best Foreign Film of the Oscars. In his speech of acceptance of the Golden Globe, Joon-ho praised Korean cinema in general and said that if the rest of the world crossed the subtitles barrier, they would open up to a new and unimaginable film world.

The truth is that the distribution of a film other than the American is almost nil in the rest of the world. Even European films or the rest of Latin America do not usually reach the billboards of one and other Latin American countries quickly. This movie reaches the billboards of the commercial halls only after having won numerous awards, but it can also be a door that opens so that Korean cinema is more appreciated in Latin America and the world, well, as will be seen in 'Parasite ', many worlds that seem opposite touch each other in unexpected ways.

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