First week of Qatar 2022: Football, news and records

The first week of the Qatar 2022 world championship has already been completed, and we have seen great matches, which have left us with several striking aspects.

Opening of the World Cup Qatar 2022

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The Qatar 2022 world championship has started in the best way, where we have seen great confrontations, epic duels, unexpected bumps, and historical milestones, this being one of the most even World Cups we have seen in recent years. In this first week of competition, the aspect of parity has been marked, since several selected have made it clear that they have come to this competition to demonstrate all their talent.

Qatar Is Not Surprising

In the opening match, the host team was defeated by Ecuador, in one of the most boring commitments so far in the competition. In this match, the Qatari team has shown one of its palest faces in recent months, an aspect that has not surprised fans around the world, since it has been surpassed at all times by those led by Gustavo Alfaro, who They ended the match in the first part.

In addition to this inaugural defeat, the Qatari team has completed its elimination in the first round, due to the result against the Senegal National Team, this is a disappointment for all the fans of the Qatar National Team, which has had one of its worst performances. in recent years, making it clear that it is still a long way from competing in this kind of competition.

Historic Wins

After seeing the start of the competition, we were lucky to see the great sporting moment of several European teams, which have shown their abysmal superiority in this first week of the championship. The first to debut was the England team, led by Gareth Southgate have crushed the Iran team 6 goals to 2, this being one of the bulkiest results of the English in the world championships.

Another team that has been forceful on this day has been Spain, the 'Red Fury' passed over a pale Costa Rica, which did not know how to react to stop the excellent game of those led by Luis Enrique. In this commitment, the Spanish have closed the match with a result of 7 goals to 0, this being the first time in history that Spain has scored seven goals in a World Cup.


One of the characteristics of this world championship has been the surprise results, where lower-ranked teams surprise great world powers. One of the bumps of this day has been the defeat of the Argentine National Team against Saudi Arabia, a team that has had one of its best performances in recent years. In this match, the Argentines saw themselves surpassed by the Arabs, who knew how to take advantage of the 'Albiceleste's' downturn, thus concretizing one of the most important victories in their history.

Another surprising result was the defeat of Germany at the hands of Japan, in a match that was dominated by the Bavarians, who did not have the necessary determination to take the three points. For their part, those led by Hajime Moriyasu took advantage of their great forcefulness, an aspect that has been decisive in giving victory to the Japanese, who angrily celebrated this historic victory against the Germans.

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On the other hand, it should be mentioned that teams like Denmark and Croatia have been disappointed in this first week since they arrived in Qatar as clear favorites to reach the final stages of the competition. However, they have not had good performances, jeopardizing their position in the next round of the championship, an aspect that would be considered one of the great failures of the tournament.

Historical Facts

Despite not having many disputed commitments, important records have been broken in Qatar, which will last for several years, considering the importance of these aspects. Midfielders Jude Bellingham of England and Gavi of Spain have become the first Gen Z players to score in World Cups. Bellingham, 19 years old, and Gavi, 18, have opened a fundamental door to boost confidence in the young players in the different teams.

Another historical aspect that has occurred in Qatar has been the first goal for the Welsh team since 1958, which has come into the hands of Gareth Bale, a footballer who has shown in this world championship that he is one of the most important players in the history of your selected. In these days, Bale has not only scored this important goal but has also reached 110 appearances in the shirt of his country, being the athlete with the most appearances in the history of Wales.

The soccer player Brael Embolo has caused one of the most curious images of the World Cup. The 25-year-old forward has been in charge of giving victory to the Swiss National Team in his debut. The curious thing about this goal has been the player's celebration, since he has apologized to all of Cameroon for the goal scored, taking into account that he was born in the African country, for which he has been the architect of the defeat of his homeland.

In addition to the arrival of new generations, it should be mentioned that a footballer has made history in the first matches of this World Cup, demonstrating his validity in this sport. Cristiano Ronaldo has become the first footballer to score a goal in five different world championships, this being one of the most important marks for one of the most important players in history.

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