Five lesser known sports, practiced by women

Women have no limits when it comes to practicing any sport, gender is not an impediment .

Artistic cycling competition at the UCI Indoor Cycling World Championships

Women dabble in different sports. / Photo: Wikimedia – Lord van Tasm

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Chess boxing

It is a sport of queens and horses in a ring. It sounds strange but the fight is fought in the ring and the battle on the board. The particular sport is a game of two, in which boxing and chess allow two rivals to face each other, alternating eleven boxing rounds of two minutes each with eleven four-minute chess rounds.

While boxing is governed by traditional rules, chess is played in blitz mode, which grants twelve minutes to each opponent. The match can end by KO when one opponent knocks down another during the fight, by checkmate or by time expiration, at that time it will be the judges who will have the task of defining the victor.

What started as a men's sport created by the Dutch Lepe Rubingh in 2003 today is practiced by female boxers who fight with strength and intelligence without distinction in the ring and on the board.

If you strike with force, with intelligence you move and kill.

Cheese Rolling sport


The mountains and slippery hills are the battlefield, the competitors in a rough game, fearlessly throw themselves behind a round cheese weighing four kilos per 180 meters of slope. Down the mountain they fight each other to reach it. Sport is like life, you stumble and fall several times and the merit is in getting up and running for the goal; a round and greasy cheese that will be raised in two hands when it is reached, while a heated audience encourages competition in which the mountain and its slope are the worst and most competitive opponent.

The 'rolling cheese' festival that has been held since 1836 is one of Britain's oldest and most popular events.

The Rwandan was not an impediment, and why should it be if they fearlessly jump for the cheese and challenge the heights and roughness of the terrain. This is how Flo Early has been the winner for the past few years, with just 28 and a grin from ear to ear after twisting her ankle, she picked up a Double Gloucester for the fourth time in May 2019 after several victories in 2008, 2016 and 2018.

If you go fast from the beginning, the hill will do the rest.

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Street luge


You have to be light as a feather to ride downhill on a 2.40 meter long skateboard. The risk is the speed, the balanced ones are the only ones capable of controlling the skateboard that becomes an extension of the body of the athletes. Lying on a skateboard or standing on it, adrenaline and speed are the main ingredients to reach the goal.

In the best style of Catwoman, a leather suit, helmet and gloves are mandatory for competition, balance, speed, agility, and a lot of adrenaline are necessary to be qualified as the best.

Sepak Takraw



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It is a sport of Asian origin, popular in Thailand, Cambodia, Malaysia, Laos, and Indonesia. It is a mix between volleyball and soccer, the skill of two sports in one. Women's weight and height is important because these characteristics allow them to maintain control and acrobatics with the small fiber ball that increases the difficulty.

The sepak takraw game is mostly based on the Chinese game of cùjú, similar to the kemari of Japan. The sport would have been imported with the first commercial relations, so at the beginning of the 15th century it had already become popular in Malaysia and Thailand. At first it was only played by men and boys and it took centuries for women to play it.

Today, the practice tries to enter the Olympians to conquer those who want to see six women flying through the air doing acrobatics in slow motion.

Artistic Cycle


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They play ball with a bicycle, they use both wheels as a vehicle to do aesthetic and elegant group stunts, also by bicycle. Artistic cycling requires management, balance, concentration and great agility. The women unite using the bicycle as an extension of their legs and arms and conquer a demanding jury that will choose the best group of dancers on their mechanical horse.

Circus performers in 1888 were its creators, as a way to show their motor skills, the first world championship was held in 1956 and 15 years later women were part of the especially popular practice in Germany where there are more than 10,000 licenses for the practice of this sport, which can be compared to figure skating and gymnastics.


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