Four unforgettable football facts to remember in October

Tragedies, championships, goals and causes are part of the most important events of October for football

Tragedies, championships, goals and causes are part of the most important events of October for football .

Argentinos Juniors in 1985

We tell you about four of the most important historical events of soccer in Latin America. / Photo: YT / Argentinos Juniors – Historical Archive

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We review four of the most important historical events of soccer in Latin America. Still the subject of conversation, these events will remain in the memory of anyone who considers himself a fan of this sport.

First Olympic goal – October 2, 1924

The first Olympic goal in the history of football was in charge of the player Cesáreo Onzari. The Argentine left winger starred in this memorable milestone in a friendly between Argentina and Uruguay, who had just won Olympic gold in Paris that same year, hence the name with which the direct corner score was baptized. Thanks to a change in the regulations that same year, the goal was valid since in previous years a contact with the ball was needed after executing the corner kick for the score to be collected. As additional information, this match was the first to be broadcast by radio. The result: 2 to 1 in favor of the Argentine team.

Suspension of Joseph Blatter and Michel Platini – October 8, 2015

After the event known worldwide as Fifa Gate, the then president and vice president of the confederation, Joseph Blatter and Michel Platini, were provisionally suspended until the situation of that scenario was clarified. On charges of bribery, fraud, and money laundering, Blatter was removed from the post for at least 90 days after irregularities were found in the venue's decision for the 2022 Soccer World Cup, to be held in Qatar. Later, and although the president resigned from his post, both FIFA leaders were suspended for 8 years in December. Along with this case, other accusations were raised against the former president, such as abuse, favoritism, and threats. His period in the highest position was from 1998 to 2015, being reelected 4 times until the moment of his suspension.

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The tragedy at the “Mateo Flores” stadium in Guatemala – October 16, 1996

Prior to a match between Guatemala and Costa Rica for qualifying for the 1998 Soccer World Cup, an unfortunate event occurred with the fans. Faced with the impossibility of entering an already crowded stadium, people outside the stadium tried to force their entrance by their own means. This led to a human avalanche, causing death by suffocation and blows from many others who were in the stands. According to the president of the National Football Federation, Pineda Lam, and other sports authorities, the event originated in the overselling of tickets, causing the capacity of the stadium to be exceeded in large quantities. The balance was 200 wounded and 83 dead, among which were men, women, and children. An important reminder to prevent something similar from happening again.


Argentinos Juniors champion of the Copa Libertadores de América – October 24, 1985

After being champions of the Metropolitan Tournament in 1984 and the National Tournament in 1985, the "Bicho" was also champion in the highest competition of the South American continent. The final, to be played in a roundtrip format, faced them against América de Cali. The first match was won by Argentinos 1-0, but the return was won by the Colombian team, also by the smallest difference. So it was that, 72 hours after the rematch game, both teams met again in Asunción. With a goal from Emilio Commisso in the 37th minute, the La Paternal team took the lead on the scoreboard. Four minutes later, Ricardo Gareca would do the same to even the result. At the end of the 90 regulatory minutes, and 30 of the extra time, they had to break the tie by shot from the penalty spot. It was De Ávila who could not beat the Argentinos goalkeeper, so that later Videla converted and gave the consecration to his club.



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