Fxview Continues to Provide Its Support to the Cyprus National Karate Team

Fxview will stand by the athletes at the 26th World Senior Karate Championships in Budapest.

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Fxview is proud to announce the strengthening of its partnership with the Cyprus National Karate Team for the World Karate Championships for Seniors in Budapest, Hungary, scheduled from October 24-29, 2023. This partnership deepens relations between the two sides following Fxview's support to the Cypriot delegation earlier this year at the European Karate Championships held in Guadalajara, Spain in March.

This initiative marks a notable shift from Fxview's traditional financial role, underlining its unwavering dedication to community development beyond finance. In addition to financial support to the team, this partnership demonstrates Fxview's commitment to the ideals of sports, embodying values that can make the world a better place.

The Importance of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Committed to fostering positive change within the young community of Cyprus, this endeavor forms part of Fxview’s dedication to long-term corporate social responsibility (CSR) and the year-long sponsorship of the Cyprus National Karate Team offers invaluable support. 

“It’s important as a global brokerage to lead by example, showing respect and appreciation for our local communities. Through these initiatives, we believe that we actively promote the multidimensional role of sports and the values it upholds. We take pride in contributing to social well-being and nurturing the youth in our communities, and we pledge to support more events of this kind in the future.” said Janis Anastassiou, Managing Director, Finvasia Capital

“By sponsoring the National Karate Team, we aim to inspire confidence, self-awareness, and discipline. These are values deeply rooted in Karate as a martial art, and they can empower young people to achieve greatness and shape positive social norms. We are proud to support the Cyprus National Karate Team and wish them every success.”, she added.

The highly anticipated 2023 Senior World Championship is set to take place in Budapest, Hungary, from October 24-29. This global event will bring together the world's top karate athletes in the Hungarian capital, where they will compete fiercely for major medals, honoring the sport's history. With participation confirmed from nearly 700 athletes representing 79 countries, this championship promises to be highly competitive, featuring athletes of the highest caliber.

As a tangible symbol of its support, Fxview's logo will be prominently displayed on the team's t-shirts during the championships, symbolizing the partnership's strength and solidarity. Furthermore, Fxview will provide complimentary gift bags to the athletes, enhancing their overall experience and ensuring they have the resources they need to perform at their best.

About Fxview:

Fxview is a multi-asset platform, renowned for its transparency and fair conditions in the global trading community. With a focus on providing accessible and exceptional trading services, Fxview believes in giving back to the society it operates in. Through initiatives like the Cyprus National Karate Team sponsorship, Fxview continues to pave the way for a brighter, healthier future for Cyprus and the younger generation, embodying its belief in the transformative power of community support.

For more information visit Fxview's official website.

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