Getting in shape has never been so fun! Try these new sports

From the Sh'bam passing through the Elipdoor, the Afro Aerobic and reaching the Liss. Four modalities that mix the traditional with the new trends

Getting in shape has never been so fun! Try these new sports

Currently, there is a wide variety of sports that combine traditional activities with innovative exercises to escape routine and keep fit in a fun and easy way. With these new sports, people will be able to improve cardiovascular health, lose weight, achieve firmness and have an excellent physical condition. In Latin American Post we review them

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Sh'bam: This new trend developed by the Les Mills group consists, according to the website of Less Mills Colombia, of combining simple and harmonious dance movements to create fun and unique choreographies with the aim of generating greater well-being. According to the website of Less Mills Argentina, each session lasts 45 minutes and consists of 12 "tracks", each with a different choreography that fuses Latin rhythms, funk, jazz, dance, electronic, salsa, axé, reggaeton, hip-hop, retro, and disco.

Each class begins with a warm-up dance, continues with 35 minutes of varied choreography and ends with original and novel stretches. According to what Daniel Serrano, sports director of Duet Sports/Duet Fit told Mujer Hoy magazine, sh'bam decreases stress, increases vitality and stimulates communication to create positive relationships.

This new sport is suitable for all ages and allows to burn around 506 calories per session, helping to improve coordination, cardiovascular health, expression capacity and bone health. Argentina, Mexico, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, and Uruguay are some of the Latin American countries where you can practice this sport with professionals certified by Les Mills.

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Elipdoor: It is a group sport, led by a professional in which the elliptical bike is used to perform exercises to the rhythm of music. This activity is accessible to all those who want to lose weight quickly and safely because according to in each 45-minute class, 900 calories are burned.

The elipdoor is a very fun sport that generates great benefits, according to the website, has low impact on joints, improves coordination and aerobic capacity, helps reduce stress, body fat, and triglycerides.

Afro aerobic: This sport combines intense cardio and toning exercises to the rhythm of African music, which mixes R&B, Hip-Hop, Pinguiss, and Assico. This sport is recommended for people of any age and physical condition who want to correct posture, improve coordination and eliminate excess fats and toxins with fun and novel exercises.

According to the web portal, Afro Dance balances the body, mind, and spirit while reducing stress and anxiety. In African countries such as Chile and Peru, African dances are being implemented in different gyms so that people are interested in leading a more active and healthy life.

LISS (low intensity and long-term cardiovascular training): It is an ideal sport for those who want to lose weight quickly since when performing low-intensity aerobic exercises fat is used as the main source of energy. This type of exercise should be done at least twice a week, in sessions of between 30 and 60 minutes to achieve the desired objectives, because according to, in each class around 513 calories are burned.

This training activates the metabolism, improves cardiovascular health, increases endurance capacity and reduces the risk of injury. Thousands of people in Latin America are choosing to do this type of training because it is very easy to develop and can be done both in the gym and outdoors.


LatinAmerican Post | Andrea del Pilar Rojas Riaño

Translated from: 'Al ritmo del baile, ponerse en forma nunca fue tan divertido 

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