Goodbye Barcelona! Messi retires from the Catalan team

After a lifetime with the same club, La Pulga would be heading to other destinations.

Lionel Messi.

In recent days there has been speculation about Messi’s departure from the Catalan club. / Photo: REUTERS / Albert Gea

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Last Tuesday the rumors that Messi's history with the Blaugrana were about to end were confirmed in a certain way. The player expressed to the club his current dissatisfaction, perhaps caused by the last season, which ended without them seeing a title, as well as with a bitter 2-8 loss in the quarter-finals against Bayern. The news took the world and social media by surprise.

The player has issued a document for the club in which he requests his resignation, but it seems that things will not be so easy. According to the Associated Press, there is a legal matter that could be against the wishes of the Argentine. It is a clause in his contract that would prevent him from leaving the club for free. According to Barcelona, it expired in June, so the Argentine would have to pay about 700 million euros to get his freedom.

Barcelona have made it clear that they are willing to fight this legal battle.

The truth is that Messi has already expressed his dissatisfaction repeatedly with the path that Barcelona is taking. After losing to Osasuna in July, he spoke in an interview saying: “This marks what we were all year, a very irregular, very weak team, who beat them by intensity and desire; They create us very easy and score us ”.

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Similarly, he has criticized the management of Josep María Bartomeu, the club's president, who according to him has caused a talent drain from the organization: "The commitment to the quarry has been lost a bit. Important boys have left and it's rare that it happens in the best club in the world. "

The truth is that the reactions have not been long in coming. Barcelona fans, for example, gathered outside the stadium last week, clamoring for Bartomeu's resignation. It seems that their protests worked, as Bartomeu himself agreed to submit his resignation that same day.


Where will La Pulga end up? It is more than clear that his soccer talent would be a blessing for any club, but only those with very high economic power would be able to acquire him. For now, at the time of this issue, we know that Messi contacted Pep Guardiola in order to join Manchester City.


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