Halloween Special: Strange Sports Deaths

In the month of terror we decided to review the athletes who died from the strangest causes.

Hernán Gaviria and Wayne Estes

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Death during sport is not as strange as it sounds. Every year, an athlete suffers from a heart attack and collapses on the playing field without warning. However, there have been some deaths that are truly strange. Here we tell you some of them.

5. Hernán Gaviria and Giovanni Córdoba – Lightning strikes twice



On October 24, 2002, these two Deportivo Cali players were in practice when, according to, "a terrible rain fell on the outskirts of Pance, a town south of Cali, where the club's sports headquarters are located." Unfortunately, Gaviria was struck by lightning, dying instantly, and Córdoba suffered serious injuries from it, dying three days later in hospital.

4. James Dunlop – Deadly Fall

James Dunlop was killed by something as innocuous as falling into a small piece of glass. The reason? The tetanus vaccine had not yet been invented when it played its last game in 1892 . His story is a gray reminder that not every past time was better.

3. Wayne Estes- The Disadvantages of Being Tall



Estes's story looks like something out of a Stephen King movie. In February 1965, after one of his best games, Estes went with one of his classmates for pizza. On his tour, he passed an accident site twice, where a car had collided with a telephone pole, dropping a power line cable that was suspended 6 feet from the sidewalk. During his third pass through the accident scene, his teammate, who was 6 feet 2 inches tall, noticed the cable and narrowly avoided it. Wayne, who was 6 feet 6 inches tall, struck him square with his forehead. The electricity killed him instantly.

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2. Duncan McPherson- Under the ice for 14 years

The year was 1989, after being unable to enter the NHL, the most popular hockey league on the planet, McPherson decided to go on a ski trip to Austria's Stubai Glacier Resort. A journey from which he would never return. After failing to be seen on the date he had arranged with his acquaintances in Scotland, McPherson was declared missing. It was not until 14 years later that a resort employee discovered that it had been his, as he found a glove that protruded from one of the glaciers on the track and inside this cold prison, McPherson's body lay.

1 Dmitri Tertyshny- Final destination?



We end with a simple but gloomy story. This professional hockey player died in 1999, away from the field, on a boat trip he was taking with some teammates. It was a matter of seconds: a wave hit his boat, Dimitri fell, and the boat's propeller sliced through his jugular vein.

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