Historic: the Denver Nuggets Are Crowned NBA Champions

The Denver Nuggets, led by Serbian Nikola Jokić, were crowned NBA champions for the first time in the history of this franchise .

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After overcoming great adversity and constant failure, the Denver Nuggets were crowned NBA champions. This is the first title in the history of this franchise, which, over the years, has had great quintets. However, by the time they reached the championship finals, they could not show their potential. It is an aspect that has left them undermined to enhance their record.

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By beating the Miami Heat 4-1, the Denver team established itself as the best team of the season in the NBA. This championship was celebrated in style in this city in the United States, which had been yearning for this title for many years. This is why, during all these finals, playing at the Ball Arena was a crucial point for the team's state of mind.

The Real MVP

Denver Nuggets is a balanced team, in which their individual talents are enhanced in the best way by the great collective work proposed by their coach Michael Malone. In addition to having this marked style of play, this team has the Serbian star Nikola Jokić, a center who is the clear example of improvement in NBA history.

Nikola Jokić suffered from being overweight as a child, an aspect that affected him. On the other hand, when he was about to fulfill his dream of becoming a professional player in the NBA, no team wanted to hire him, since they commented that he was a slow basketball player with little ability with the ball.

With these prejudices, Jokić was about to be ruled out of this Draft. Another of the big blows for the young Serbian's career occurred when he was drafted by the NBA. The television channel that was presenting this event preferred to broadcast a fast food commercial before announcing his signing in box 40 of this draft, so all the fans did not see his reaction when finalizing his signing for the Nuggets.

Despite all these great adversities in his life and the little confidence that the experts had in his talent, the Serb overcame all this and became one of the best players today. In recent years, Jokić has changed the way he plays, as he is a center who not only dominates in the paint, but also has the ability to provide numerous assists and score points from long range.

With these three marked characteristics, Jokić is one of the most complete basketball players today. At just 28 years old, he has already won all the possible awards for his NBA career. Being the best athlete in these finals gave him the opportunity to get his first finals MVP award. This award confirms the outstanding moment that this athlete is going through.

The Second Sword

In addition to having the outstanding level of competence of Nikola Jokić, the importance of Jamal Murray must be highlighted. The 26-year-old point guard had long and severe injuries in recent years, which put his professional career in jeopardy. At some point during these physical discomforts, the athlete commented that he could not walk because of the pain he felt in his legs.

Despite the fact that his physical condition was at risk and his continuity in the sport was uncertain, his team always supported him, giving him the peace of mind he needed to overcome all his physical discomfort and return to the courts in the best possible way. That is why, after being cleared, we have seen one of the most important stages of this player's career. In fact, it was   fundamental for the Nuggets to get their first championship.

An Unexpected Protagonist

All NBA fans expected the Denver Nuggets to be led by Nikola Jokić and Jamal Murray. However, in this series, a third basketball player appeared who was crucial for his team: Aaron Gordon. He showed that his desire to keep the title was enough to live up to these in The Finals.

Aaron Gordon had a renaissance in his career as a professional with his arrival at the Denver team. For several months now, the 27-year-old basketball player has shown that he has all the necessary qualities to be one of the most resilient athletes today. With his delivery on the field, Gordon achieved outstanding statistics, which were the final thrust to achieve the first title for this franchise.

The Rest of the Team

Likewise, we must mention the outstanding work of Michael Porter Jr, Kentavious Caldwell-Pope, Bruce Brown and Christian Braun, players who appeared at key moments so that their team could overcome all the adversities presented this season. The Denver Nuggets are more than just champions of the NBA, they currently have a team full of young talents, who will seek to return to the top of the most important basketball league in the world next season.

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