Infographic: Soccer’s Top Scorers Who are Still Competing

For several seasons, these players have been standing out for the number of goals they score in both clubs and national teams. We tell you which are the current top scorers in soccer.

Cristiano Ronaldo, Robert Lewansowski, Ali Ashfaq

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A few decades ago, we have seen the arrival of great scorers in the world of soccer. All of them have given something to talk about due to their unimaginable number of goals scored in their careers as professional players. Latin American, European, and Asian athletes make up this select list.

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It should be noted that in this ranking only professional players who are still active in the world of soccer will be taken into account, since there are many retired players who have also left a historical mark in the number of goals during their careers. However, many years ago, they finalized their retirement from official competitions.

Soccer's Top Scorers

This list is led by the Portuguese striker Cristiano Ronaldo, a soccer who has made it clear that hard work is more than enough to achieve all the goals he sets for himself. On the other hand, we must highlight Lionel Messi, an Argentine player who recently reached 800 goals, an aspect that continues to classify him as one of the best athletes in the world.

Zlatan Ibrahimovic is one of the oldest athletes in the world of soccer today. At 41 years old, the AC Milan striker intends to continue expanding his scoring statistics, in order to continue climbing positions in this select group of world scorers.

Mention should also be made of the stupendous career of the Uruguayan Luis Suárez, an attacker who currently plays for the Gremio of Brazil and whose goal is to continue expanding his statistics as his country's all-time goalscorer. Finally, Ali Ashfaq may be the least recognized player on this list. However, the man born in the Republic of the Maldives has entered the soccer history books for his constant scoring.

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