Infographic: What you Didn’t Know About the Women’s Tour de France

These are Some Facts you Should Know About the Women's Tour de France.

Cyclist during a stage of the Women's Tour de France

Photo: web.archive – Rene Boulay

LatinAmerican Post | Juan Manuel Londoño

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The women's Tour de France begins this weekend. This competition, which will have its first official edition this year, has certain differences with the Tour de France that we are used to and in which only men run. In the following infographic, we tell you everything we know about it.

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Women`s Tour de France

This new competition is expected to be well received by the public, considering the growing popularity of women's cycling. However, the Tour will have to face two great difficulties: the heat wave that is producing unprecedented temperatures in Europe, and the growing number of COVID-19 infections, which has also put the men's Tour in danger. We could also see instances of climate activism during the competition, such as the ones featured at various stages of the Men's Tour.

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