Colombia opens a Congress like none in its history

The new Colombian congress was installed yesterday, July 20, independence day, with a large center-left majority.

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President-elect Gustavo Petro's Congress will have majorities in the Senate and the House of Representatives. The next government will have the support of 63 of 108 senators and 106 of 188 chamber representatives. It should also be noted that almost 30% of the congresswomen are women, an unprecedented fact in the coffee country.

On the other hand, Uribismo was the only party that declared itself in opposition. Its members showed photos of the destruction of the social protests last year, as well as of deceased members of the public force.

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Outgoing president Iván Diuque received a bitter farewell in his last speech as president to congress. Duque was booed and branded a "liar" on several occasions while presenting his speech, during which, among other things, he alleged that illegal armed groups and corruption were to blame for the murders of social leaders. He also used this last opportunity to highlight the problems beyond his control that affected his government, such as the coronavirus pandemic, Hurricane Iota in 2020 and the Venezuelan migration crisis. The president finished his speech and left without hearing the opposition's reply.

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