It Is Possible to Win the NBA Ring Without Star Players?

In this NBA season, we have seen two teams without stars on their rosters making magnificent presentations, to the point of currently being in the finals .

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In the history of the NBA, the most outstanding teams have always been characterized by having stars that drive their rosters, this being one of the keys to constantly winning championships. However, in the 2022-2023 season we have seen two teams that have decided to only have young players on their rosters, an aspect that led them to be considered as great candidates to get the first places in next year's draft.

Can You Fight Without Stars?

Utah Jazz and Indiana Pacers have begun to impress the league with their great performances at the beginning of the season. Its perfect balance between attack and defense, its renewal of the squad, the excellent chemistry between its players and the hard work of its coaches has been the key to being currently with a place in the next round of the championship. They have shown that hard work can also lead to fighting for a ring.

The Magic of Will Hardy

The Utah Jazz began this campaign without their two biggest stars, the departure of Rudy Gobert and Donovan Mitchell made their fans think that this would be a season where they would fight to get one of the first places in the next draft. Despite this lack of confidence, coach Will Hardy has found the right pieces to keep this ship afloat.

In the first days, the Utah team has surprised all its rivals in the league, bearing in mind that, despite not having great figures, it has managed to put together a team that is willing to demonstrate its talent on any pitch. Players like Jordan Clarkson, Collin Sexton, Jarred Vanderbilt, Kelly Olynyk, and especially Lauri Markkanen have been essential for the great campaign that the Jazz have been carrying out.

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Currently, Hardy's team is fighting for a place in the championship finals. It is considered the third-best defensive team; the fifth to get more triples per game; the sixth with the most assists per game; the ninth with the most rebounds and the sixth with the most points scored. These statistics are a clear example of the importance of chemistry in all their players and the work of their coach.

Absolute Cleanliness!

In addition to having the arrival of good athletes and little names, the Jazz has won seven first rounds of the draft with the transfers of Mitchell and Gobert, an aspect that has all their fans excited. These have been surprised with the great work that their players have been doing this season and with what this team could be for the following seasons.

Indiana Is Partying

The other team that is giving people talk this season is the Indiana Pacers, who had everything to be fighting for the last places in the Eastern conference. However, with the passing of the days, they have made clear their desire to fight in the championship finals. Those led by Rick Carlisle have shown that having only young players who enjoy playing together can be the key to winning a ring.

Currently, the Pacers are fourth in the conference, being a few victories away from taking the lead in the East. The key to this great sporting moment has been the chemistry and balance that Buddy Hield, Myles Turner and Tyrese Haliburton have been showing, players who have become one of the 'Big Three' that has given the most talk so far run of the season.

Future to Spare

In addition to the great moment of these three basketball players, we must add the excellent season that Bennedict Mathurin has been having, a player who has become one of the great candidates to win the rookie of the year award. Off the bench, the 20-year-old has become one of his team's leading scorers, being instrumental in their winning streak.

A Possible Big Change

With these kinds of presentations from these teams, one can come to the conclusion that it is possible to fight for a ring without having a duo or a 'Big Three'. It has been shown that having a more balanced team, with chemistry and without selfishness among its basketball players, is the key to achieving a good winning streak. Given this, one could come to think that the NBA teams over the years can rethink the way they build their rosters, leaving aside the intention of having great stars, investing more in young talents and good players.

Finally, it is important to highlight that we must wait for what happens with these two teams in the season, which can continue on this great path or can end up as the contenders for the first positions in the 2023 draft. The truth is that, currently, The Pacers and the Jazz have given a lecture on how little-known players can become great candidates to win the championship , this being the beginning of a possible change in the NBA.

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