James Rodríguez: The Colombian Star in Decline

Midfielder James Rodríguez made a decision that jeopardized his career as a professional soccer player. We tell you about the debacle of the Colombian National Team player.

James Rodriguez

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James Rodríguez is one of the most important Colombian soccer players of the last decades, his differential talent and his awards achieved at an early age have him on the list of the most outstanding athletes in the history of the Colombian National Team. Despite this, over the years, the midfielder made determinations that currently have him drifting.

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For this season, the 31-year-old midfielder was playing for Olympiacos in Greece, a team that gave him the opportunity to return to European soccer, after his unsuccessful stint in Qatar soccer. In his first months in the Greek league, the midfielder showed all his talent, something that led him to be chosen twice as the player of the month in this competition.

Also, with the passing of the commitments, James became one of the most important soccer players on this team's squad, which is why all his fans were excited about what this season could be. When everyone was excited about the sporting reality of the midfielder, he made a controversial decision again, which again made him a target of criticism.

Controversial decision

With more than two months to go until the end of the season in the Greek League, the Colombian National Team star decided to end his contract with Olympiacos, for which he became a free agent. When this news was confirmed, the midfielder declared that his departure from the club was due to personal problems, which he never clarified, which is why several rumors were generated about some problems with the player in the team's locker room.

With this determination to leave the team, James will spend approximately three months without playing a single official game, so once again his career is stagnant due to the decisions he has made in recent years.

An untenable ego

What happened in Greece served to remember all the issues that James had during his career with his coaches. There were six technicians who came to have problems with the Colombian midfielder during his career, so these constant clashes left the Colombian National Team player in a very bad light, who always showed his ego above all else.

José Anigo, Rafa Benítez, Zinedine Zidane, Niko Kovac, Carlos Queiroz and Reinaldo Rueda were the coaches who had personal problems with the Colombian soccer player. During his career as a professional, all these coaches came to mention that James lacks physical delivery on the pitch and that on several occasions his level of competence is affected by these aspects.

Despite these kinds of comments, the professional player always took these statements in the worst way, so he did the impossible to get rid of these coaches. This is why the midfielder created a reputation as an unbearable and pampered athlete for several teams from the old continent.

Bad decisions

With all these inconveniences with his coaches, James' career has gone into a decline that seems never ending. His time in the eccentric Qatar League and his abysmal devaluation in recent years are proof of this. This is why the entire Colombian people regret all the bad decisions that the star made in recent years, since he wasted a great talent that was essential to empower the 'tricolor'.

Away from soccer

As he is currently a free agent, it is not known what the next team will be for the Colombian soccer player. In recent days, clubs like River Plate from Argentina, Botafogo from Brazil and Besiktas from Turkey are some teams interested in signing him. However, the player's position questioned his continuity as a professional athlete.

For several years, the main objective of the Colombian player is to promote his Dos Molinos coffee brand, a company that has been growing by leaps and bounds in the country. This is why, little by little, James found himself focused on this new business, leaving the world of soccer aside and recovering his best version.

Given this situation, it is not known what James' determination will be for the following season. This continues to fuel rumors of his possible retirement from professional sports, since he already demonstrated with his premature departure from Olympiacos that it is not difficult for him to leave soccer projects halfway.

The fall of a star

James is currently very far from being the player who in 2014 dazzled all soccer fans with his talent, an aspect that led him to be the top scorer in the World Cup in Brazil and to be signed by one of the best teams in the world. As a consequence of this, the Colombian National Team sees how one of its greatest stars is fading in recent years, this being one of the saddest news for all the fans of the 'tricolor'.

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