Juan Fernando Vélez: the New King of Cerro Abajo a Down Hill Race

Juan Fernando Vélez, Colombian cyclist, was crowned champion of Red Bull Cerro Abajo. We tell you about his great feat .

Juan Fernando Velez

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After a competition full of skill and dexterity, the 19-year-old Colombian cyclist Juan Fernando Vélez has made history in this sport, managing to add a new title to his record. Before mentioning what happened this past weekend, we must talk about this sport.

What is the Down Hill?

Down Hill is a mountain biking race, in the urban descent modality, which takes place in the most recognized hills in the world. This sport is booming in the Latin American continent, so every season there are more riders from this part of the world who compete in different competitions.

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The objective of this sport is simple: go through the different circuits with obstacles in the least amount of time possible. That is why in this kind of competition all the skills of these extreme athletes come to light, which are measured against great descents in each of the stops of this championship.

One of the most recognized stops in this championship is the one that takes place in the city of Medellín, which is home to numerous spectators who gather to see the intrepid athletes. This circuit became one of the most important for Colombian athletes, since it is normally the coffee runners who win the title in this circuit.

The Legend of Juan Fernando Vélez

Juan Fernando Vélez was crowned champion of this competition, after acting in the Guanajuato circuit, which allowed the Colombian runner to win the world title of this championship. Despite the fact that Vélez did not have his best performance in Mexico, the great advantage he had over his rivals was essential for him to get first place in this tournament.

With a total of 119 points, the Colombian has won the title in this competition. This recognition makes him one of the greatest exponents of this sport in the world, since runners from all over the world come to compete at Red Bull Cerro Abajo. This aspect gives more greatness to what has been achieved this weekend.

Colombian Pride

In addition to the great work carried out by Vélez, it is necessary to highlight what has been done by two Colombian runners, who have left the country's name high in this competition. The first of these is Camilo Sánchez, a rider who took first place in the valid one made in Mexico, thus demonstrating his power in this kind of competition.

With this performance, Sánchez took second place in the championship. At the end of the competition, this rider achieved the grand sum of 95 points, making it clear that he is ready to continue demonstrating all his talent in international tournaments.

Apart from Vélez and Sánchez, there is Sebastián Holguín, an athlete who is considered one of the greatest exponents in this new extreme sport. Holguín finished his participation with 54 points, a record that has left him in the sixth box of the standings, an acceptable result for this Colombian cyclist.

Latin American Talent

Closing the list of the top ten are the Brazilians Lucas Borba and Gabriel Giovannini, runners who have finished fourth and fifth in this magnificent competition. On the other hand, the Chileans Felipe Agurto and Pedro Ferreira have closed the Latin American quota in this tournament, getting the seventh and ninth place respectively.

These results continue to confirm the power of Latin America in this new sport, which has been growing over the years. It is expected that all the countries of the continent have exponents in this kind of competition in order to achieve great recognition worldwide.

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