Latin blood in the rebirth of the Boston Red Sox

The Boston Red Sox turned around a negative start to the season, driven by Latino players who generate a lot of excitement for the Fenway team.

JD Martinez

The exceptional performance is due in large part to his hitters, who led the ‘Sox’ when they needed him most. Photo: IG-jdmartinez28

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After the championship in 2018 followed by a couple of years to be forgotten, the Boston Red Sox continues to inevitably rebuild to once again be a spotlight-hogging team in Major League baseball. It has not been a simple process and a priori, locals and strangers would not have bet anything on the Massachusetts team. However, the team led by Puerto Rican Alex Cora, who led the Boston club to the 2018 title, has started the 2021 season on the right foot and today remains the team to beat in the Eastern Conference of the United States. American League.

A bad year was predicted for Alex Cora's pupils. After getting rid of its stars and with a pitcher rotation full of weaknesses; the Red Sox did not have much appeal for the season come to the famous Opening Day.

From less to more

The season didn't start off in the brightest way. The Red Sox opened the year at Fenway Park against a divisional opponent: the Baltimore Orioles. The Red Sox could not start the year more anticlimactic, the Orioles swept the opening series and exposed the shortcomings of a Red Sox that were far from being the powerful team in the East to which they are usually accustomed.

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With palpable discouragement, Boston began to prepare for another year full of misfortunes. So Alex Cora turned the situation around, starting to rotate AA and AAA players, even sending first-team players to the junior ranks when they were not performing. The message was clear: "The one who is fit plays and the one who is not goes to the Minors."

The string of victories began and everything indicated that 2021 would complete the trilogy of disastrous years for the Boston club. But the bats began to heat up and the results were not long in coming. Three bad games were needed to provoke a vindication, a revival at Fenway. Cause and effect. And at the center of those reinvented Red Sox, the power of Latino players stood out.

Latin gunpowder

Three straight games lost sparked a nine-game winning streak. By then, Boston was leading the East Division and was beginning to sneak into talks of teams to watch closely. But this exceptional performance is due in large part to his hitters (considering his pitching staff still has room for improvement), who led the Sox when they needed it most.

JD Martínez has been the mainstay of the Boston attack, but important players like third baseman Rafael Devers from the Dominican Republic have stood out greatly in the current cycle. At 24 years of age, the Dominican has become a guarantee for the Red Sox's career production. With 14 home runs and 43 RBIs (through May 30, 2021), Devers is a vital element in Alex Cora's lineups, a guarantee at-bat, and glove. The third baseman on his way to his first All-Star Game and a serious candidate for the golden glove. The year is looking good for Devers and his numbers can only get better.

Arizona-born to a Mexican father, Alex Verdugo, has been a significant hitter for the Red Sox. With 25 years, his rise in Las Mayores has been remarkable. His job as an outfielder has been the reason Alex Cora can't keep him out of their lineups, but as a hitter, he can't go unnoticed. Verdugo has a batting average of 287, 23 RBIs, and 7 home runs that are not bad for a team that needed the power to aspire to something this year.


Puerto Rican Kiké Hernández has been another player who has come from less to more. After being a discard for the Dodgers, he has come to Fenway to be a mainstay of the defense, but one that does not disappoint when he steps on the batter's box. With figures still perfectible, the gardener is constantly involved in the harvest of races. But without a doubt, it is very important in the Boston defense.

Another essential name for the Boston team is Christian Vázquez, the receiver is the brain of the team and for Christian, it has been a good year behind the plate, although his numbers as a hitter do not have to be stratospheric, the Puerto Rican does not disappoint. Today, with an acceptable average (.248), he has contributed with three homers and 23 RBIs. Good numbers for a receiver.

Latinos on the mound

In the starting rotation there is an old acquaintance, Eduardo Rodríguez, the Venezuelan who celebrates his sixth year as a Boston pitcher, who has been one of the most important names on the starting list. While it has not been his best start to the season (5 wins and 3 losses with 5.06 RBIs), “E-Rod” remains one of the reliable starters in Alex Cora's schemes.

Rodríguez's compatriot, Darwinzón Hernández is usually one of the first solutions from the bullpen when games don't go according to plan. The southpaw has a two-game losing streak, but that doesn't put him off the top spot for Boston relievers.

Promising future

With a roster loaded with young talent and seasoned players, the Red Sox shows a lot of potentials and unexpectedly dominates the Eastern Division over the Yankees and the Tampa Bay Stripes. Alex Cora is in charge of a group of very talented players, with many aspects to improve and although they will not necessarily win a trophy this season, the pillars are beginning to be laid for a bright future.

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