Marijana Kovacevic: The Miracle Doctor of Athletes

Marijana Kovacevic is once again a trend in the world of sports, this time for trying to heal in record time at the wheel of Real Madrid Luka Modric. We tell you who this health specialist is.

Marijana Kovacević and Luka Modric

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The Real Madrid midfielder Luka Modric traveled in recent days to the city of Belgrade, in Serbia, in order to meet the famous Marijana Kovacevic. This doctor is recognized in the world of sports for having unorthodox methods to recover from injuries in record time, which helped many athletes at key moments in their careers.

The 36-year-old Croatian midfielder suffered a hamstring injury, an aspect that would leave him out of the pitch for around four weeks, so he would be missing the Copa del Rey final and the Champions League semi-finals. However, with this sudden trip to Serbia, the midfielder is confident that Marijana Kovacevic's works can have him ready for action in less than two weeks.

Who is Marijana Kovacevic?

Marijana Kovacevic is a doctor who worked to find a cure for all muscle injuries in athletes in the shortest possible time. In 1987, she finished his studies in Medicine and Pharmacy, after which she spent a few seasons in the United States, a country in which she finished perfecting all his methods. In 2005, she was hired by CSKA Sofia and from there she went to the official medical staff of the Ghana National Team.

Currently, this doctor is working independently, so she had the opportunity to work hand in hand with several well-known athletes. Wayne Rooney, Vincent Kompany, Pablo Zabaleta, Robin Van Persie, Frank Lampard, Yossi Benayoun, Cristiano Ronaldo and Alexis Sánchez are some soccer players who passed through the hands of this famous doctor.

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Likewise, one of the most recognized cases of this doctor is that of the Serbian tennis player Novak Djokovic. In his preparation for an Australia Open, the athlete arrived with some physical discomfort, which is why he decided to hire Kovacevic's services. A few days later, the tennis player ended up being crowned champion of this important competition, playing six matches in less than eleven days.

In his statements after this title, Djokovic commented that “I can't give details and I don't want to either, but I thank Dr. Marijana Kovacevic for coming here to treat me. She traveled halfway around the world to come here, and her work and therapy over the past few days have helped me."

Unorthodox methods

With this endless number of successful cases, many came to ask the keys to the processes of this doctor, however, very little is currently known about the work that she does together with all athletes. One of the aspects that is known is that Kovacevic uses horse placentas, which is mixed with other ingredients to later make an ointment that is applied to the affected areas. On the other hand, the Bulgarian newspaper 24 chasa revealed a few years ago that the doctor has very modern technology, apparently created by the American NASA.

These are just some of the aspects that became known over the years. Despite this, the exact procedure that Dr. Kovacevic performs on these injured players is currently unknown, since it is mentioned that her work is also based on injecting amino acids and various organic extracts into the damaged tissue. However, there is no knowledge of the components and amounts used in these processes.

Legal issues

In 2009, Kovacevic had some legal problems with the Serbian justice system. An investigation was opened against the professional for the methods she used with her patients. For the justice of this country, her work did not comply with the law, an aspect that was accompanied by other irregularities against her.

Despite these investigations against her, Kovacevic emerged unscathed from this situation, in which she proved her innocence and made it clear that all her methods used are legal in sports and in the health society.

The rebirth of the miracle doctor

Over the years, Kovacevic began to work independently, an aspect that gave her the chance to become one of the preferred doctors for athletes who want to speed up their recovery time. Currently, and as indicated on her website, Dr. Marijana Kovacevic charges around 5,000 euros per consultation, a value that could vary depending on the athlete's injury.

Marijana Kovacevic ventured into the world of sports, becoming one of the most famous doctors in the world. Her work as a health specialist has gone around the world and is still generating some research on the components she uses to heal injuries in such a short time.

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