New Challenges: Netflix Ventures Into the Transmission of Sporting Events

Netflix wants to dominate the world of streaming platforms, which is why its corporate want to give the public new entertainment material. We tell you more about this new initiative.

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The Netflix streaming platform wants to innovate again in its service, in order to end the criticism it received from its constant changes in recent months. For this reason, the company's directives work hard to achieve one of the most important movements in this market, which would change the rules of the game for all these entertainment companies.

New strategy

In order to take advantage of its constant documentaries on sports, the company would have the intention of venturing into the world of live broadcasts of sporting events, a change that surprised all its subscribers. It was confirmed that the platform not only wants to enter the fight to keep the television rights of various disciplines, but also wants to become one of the leaders in this kind of content.

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Despite the fact that its managers are aware that this world is something never seen before for the platform, Netflix would already have its first broadcast of a sporting event scheduled. This would take place in the month of November, in which the platform would be part of one of the most relevant golf championships to be held this year.

In this competition, the big stars that lead the cast of the documentary Full Swing are expected to be present, which is considered one of the most relevant for all fans of this sport. This is why the company hopes to have a considerable number of viewers during this tournament, a championship that could be a leap in quality for this platform.

Ted Sarandos, co-head of Netflix, stated that the company still does not want to execute a solid offer in live sports broadcasts, since this leads to a war between platforms to obtain multi-million dollar contracts in these types of events. Despite these statements, it is certain that, if things turn out for the best in this golf tournament, the company would go all out to keep the rights to Formula 1 and the NBA.

A quality improvement

It must be remembered that Netflix currently has not only outstanding golf documentaries, but also a documentary series on Formula 1. Drive to Survive could be the gateway for the company to enter the fight to keep the sports rights to these competitions, an aspect that would be quite similar to what the company has in mind to carry out with golf championships.

This is why Netflix is expected to gradually begin to get into the bidding for these sports rights over the next few years. While this is being consolidated, the broadcast will serve as a promotional campaign for the sports content they launch and also as a test to later go for the rights of sports such as basketball and soccer.

Netflix takes a leap in quality in the fight to become the best streaming platform. Given this, its opponents are expected to make these same kinds of decisions, which could have great repercussions for all lovers of these sports competitions. The truth is that, despite entering a new battle for television rights, viewers will be able to count on quality content, an aspect that could leave them as the clear winners with these upcoming changes.

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