Practice These Sports to Loose Weight

There are sports whose demand or consistency favor the loss of calories more quickly than other disciplines. We tell you what sports to practice to lose weight quickly .

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Sports practice is essential to combat obesity. For this reason, it is essential to support a weight loss diet with a sport that guarantees the constant loss of calories. Finally, it must be guaranteed that the calories that are burned are greater than the calories that are ingested, thus certifying the loss of these. But how do you guarantee to burn the most calories? For this, several studies have been carried out in search of the ideal sport to accelerate the calorie burning process.

Strength sports burn calories with the same intensity as cardiovascular exercises

Sports that increase the heart rate with prolonged exercise have always been considered the favorites to burn calories. For this reason, the diets were always accompanied by runs, burpees, squats and rope jumps, among other activities. In contrast, sports or strength exercises were considered as activities that increased the weight of athletes by gaining muscle mass.

However, a study carried out by several specialists with a presence at the University of Sydney, Australia, confirmed that the presence of extra muscle generated by sports and strength exercises demands greater energy consumption by activating metabolism. Therefore, the loss of calories is constant due to the high demand for energy.

On the other hand, a study carried out at the Universidad Católica de la Santísima Concepción in Chile showed that the combination of sports or cardiovascular exercises with strength exercises is quite effective in the goal of losing weight. In short, the important thing is to find a sport of your choice and practice it persistently, accompanying it with a constant weight loss diet. However, to speed up the process, there are favorite sports to burn calories.

Harvard and the five sports to burn more calories

According to the study "Starting to exercise" from Harvard University, there are five sports that guarantee accelerated calorie burning, guaranteeing faster weight loss. There, it is specified that swimming is the ideal sport because it requires the use of all the muscles of the body, ensuring the loss of 400 to 900 calories with one hour of practice, depending on the weight of the individual.

Sports that require strength training are also part of the Harvard list. There, you can train with different accessories such as bars or elastic bands, or with your own body weight. The goal is to increase muscle mass because the more muscle, the more calories will be burned. Finally, the number of calories burned will depend on the sports or exercises that are performed and the duration.

Walking, sportingly known as 'running', guarantees to lose a kilo after walking five days a week for a little less than a month, according to experts. On the other hand, racket sports such as tennis, paddle tennis, squash, table tennis and badminton are ideal exercises for burning calories by guaranteeing great demand on the upper and lower part of the body. Finally, it is estimated that with an hour of average intensity playing paddle tennis you can burn up to 700 calories.

Likewise, Harvard recommends practicing tai chi, a Chinese martial art also considered a sport. This consists of a series of constant, unforced movements, guaranteeing calorie loss without high muscle demand. For this reason, Harvard recommends tai chi for elderly people seeking not only to lose weight but also to reduce health complications.

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In short, practicing sports is fundamental and effective for losing weight only if it is constant, if it is complemented by a weight-loss diet and, if possible, if several disciplines are combined. Likewise, it is essential to remember that cardiovascular or strength sports not only fight obesity, they also help lower blood pressure to healthy levels, improve cardiopulmonary capacity and develop motor coordination , among many other health benefits.

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