Trump and Duque: What did they talk about at the UN General Assembly?

Find out what were the current issues for Latin America that Trump and Duque discussed at the UN General Assembly

Trump and Duque: What did they talk about at the UN General Assembly?

In the meeting that took place within the framework of the UN General Assembly, which was attended by the Colombian President Iván Duque, two central issues for Latin America were discussed: the fight against illicit drug crops and the regime by Nicolás Maduro in Venezuela.

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Fight against drugs: What did Duque and Trump talk about at the meeting?

"We want to strengthen the ties between Colombia and the United States because we share democratic values, as well as the concern to fight drug trafficking, so I thank you not only for your words, but also for the support we have received from your administration," said Iván Duque during the meeting.

Faced with the fight against the eradication of coca crops, which according to the UN already exceed 170 hectares, Duque, who had already requested help from Trump to combat this problem, received the following words from President Donald Trump: "The new president Iván Duque had as an electoral campaign the fight against drugs, an important issue (…) We want to work with his new government to eradicate coca production in his country."

Donald Trump also expressed in his speech that it is necessary to "reduce demand, end the supply of illicit drugs, expand treatment and strengthen international cooperation."

"I thank President Donald Trump for his recognition of the commitment of our government in the frontal fight against drug trafficking, international cooperation, without a doubt, is a fundamental tool in this decision," Duque said in his Twitter account.

In fact, the seizure of the minimum dose by the authorities, the spraying of coca crops with glyphosate, a social policy for crop substitution and the frontal struggle against the drug cartels are some of the measures of Colombia's government to reduce the impact of drug trafficking in the country.

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Duque's government plans in the face of the crisis in Venezuela

At the UN General Assembly, Donald Trump expressed his support for the actions taken by Colombia, such as joining Chile, Peru, Argentina and Paraguay in the request to ask the International Criminal Court to investigate crimes against humanity committed in Venezuela. However, he also ruled out a military intervention in the oil country as a solution to the current crisis.

On this subject, Iván Duque did not say much during the meeting, but for him the international pressure must be one of the factors that allows the weakening of the Maduro regime. "The international pressure must lead to the Venezuelan people, including their institutions – or what is left of them – allowing this transition," the president said at a press conference.

But "unfortunately things will be more difficult, day by day, because the causes that originate the migration from the brother country continue to exist," said Foreign Minister Carlos Holmes Trujillo in an interview with El Tiempo. Additionally, he added that an emergency humanitarian fund must be created once the Venezuelan crisis has been solved with international pressure.

"This issue will be addressed at a meeting that Colombia has promoted within the framework of the UN General Assembly, and we hope that this instrument will be made concrete," Foreign Minister Trujillo added to the Colombian media.

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