Soccer shames: Osorio is not the only one

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The reasons why the Colombian coach left the Guaraní team are clarified. As many suspected, it is more complicated than a 'family affair'

Soccer shames: Osorio is not the only one

Colombian coach Juan Carlos Osorio took over as coach of the Paraguay national team in September 2018, but only 133 days later he left office. The mutual decision to rescind the Colombian's contract was awarded to personal reasons by the Colombian strategist.

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"For family reasons, unfortunately I cannot continue in office, I would like to thank you for your support. It was a pride for me to direct, drive and train the National Team," said Osorio at a press conference. However, several media claim that this is not the real reason for his resignation. What could they be?

He never signed a contract waiting for Colombia's manager election

From Colombia, it comes a version confirmed by the journalist Tito Puccetti, who affirmed that the Colombian strategist never signed a contract with Paraguay's National Team. "I saw the match (Medellin Vs. Junior) with him and he said: 'Tito, I did not even sign the contract, I did not even charge a peso, I went to do a job with which I committed myself," Pucceti said in the news of Blu Radio radio network.

This could have happened for two reasons:

1. The Colombian would have rejected the technical direction for his hope to head the Colombia National Team

2. The Paraguay National Team would have proposed to work for a semester with them to work on the bases of the selection in the future.


Since Robert Harrison, president of the Paraguayan Football Federation, told Osorio that he wanted him to be the coach, Osorio told him "Mr. Harrison, very grateful, but I want to be a coach of the Colombian National Team," Puccetti continued. According to the journalist, the Colombian coach would sign a special contract with an exit clause in case the Colombian National Team was looking for him, but finally he did not sign anything.

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Plan Colombia failed, what now?

Several South American and English media have rumored the possible passage of Marcelo Bielsa, Argentine coach in command of Leeds United, to Everton of the Premiere League. This transfer would leave the ' Whites' without coach, so according to British media Daily Star, Bielsa himself would have recommended to the owners to hire the Colombian Juan Carlos Osorio in case he finally leaves.

The Leeds United is one of the best equipment of the second division of England, reason why its ascent to Premier League is very probable. So a possible march of Bielsa would be something unthinkable, but do not know the real intentions of Everton.


Una publicación compartida de Leeds United (@leedsunited) el

Other fleeting trainers

The case of Juan Carlos Osorio is embarrassing and surprising, but he is not the only one, not even the worst. At the selections level, there are very embarrassing examples of fleeting trainers whose journey in the team was almost non-existent.

These are some like:

  • The Spanish Miguel Ángel Portugal was offered by the Bolivia National Team in August 2015 to lead his national team. However, according to Publimetro, the tensions existing within the Bolivian first division clubs meant that the Spanish coach could not even reach the South American country, nor even signed the contract they sent him to Madrid.
  • In Europe there are also examples, specifically in the England National Team. In July 2016, Sam Allardyce was the coach of the English team, but in September of that year, he was fired after being involved in a network of corruption of signings. According to ESPN , the coach only lasted 67 days in office and could barely manage a single match, as did Osorio with the Guarani.

Without a doubt, the Osorio case is a shame for South American football, because it shows the lack of seriousness of leaders and coaches. For now, the Colombian coach will be separated from football while it is discovered if he will substitute Bielsa in Leeds United or if he expects the failure of Carlos Queiroz, the new coach of the Colombian National Team.


LatinAmerican Post | Javier Aldana

Translated from "Vergüenzas futbolíticas: Juan Carlos Osorio no es el único" 

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