The 5 coaches who earn the most money

It is not a secret that when new players join the team squad, different questions are generated about their transfer. From the cost of the transaction, to how much salary you could earn, are some of the questions that are usually resolved in the long run.

Portuguese soccer coach, José Mourinho.

Portuguese soccer coach, José Mourinho. / Taken from:

LatinAmerican Post | Laura Viviana Guevara Muñoz

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However, another fundamental piece in a football team is, without a doubt, the technical director. Not only does he lead the team, but he carries the responsibility of making it shine throughout the different championships. But, what few know is how much a coach can win in the main and most important clubs in Europe.

That is why in LatinAmerican Post we compile the best paid technicians in the European leagues.

1. Diego “El Cholo” Simeone – 41 million euros

The Argentine, who was also a soccer player in both Atlético de Madrid and Inter Milan, began his career as a coach in 2006 in Racing, then moved to Estudiantes de la Plata, River Plate and San Lorenzo in Argentina.


Una publicación compartida por Diego Pablo Simeone (@simeone) el

After his passage in his native country, "El Cholo" saw the opportunity to lead an Italian team when he went to drive to Catania, resulting in preventing them from descending from Serie A and was part of the best campaigns that the team had in his history.

However, his role as coach was consolidated with his arrival at Atlético de Madrid, when he broke into the traditional disputes of Barcelona against Real Madrid. In 2013 he won both the Copa del Rey and La Liga, just one of the team's triumphs. The evolution of the team is expected to continue as Simone renewed the contract with the mattress team in February 2019.


Una publicación compartida por Diego Pablo Simeone (@simeone) el


2. José Mourinho – 31 million

Controversial, irreverent and even exaggerated; Those are some of the adjectives for which they usually associate the Portuguese. Mourinho started as an assistant coach, until he could debut as technical director of Benfica in 2000. However, his greatest success as a coach came from the hand of Inter Milan in 2008, where he conquered Serie A, the Italian Cup, and the Champions League.


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Following this, he arrived as coach at Real Madrid where he led the team for three seasons. Then he went to Chelsea and Manchester United. This being the last team he led and who handed him his check for 31 million euros since at the end of 2018, the Portuguese was fired after not meeting the expectations of the club. It is currently rumored that he could return to the Madrid bank.


Una publicación compartida por José Mourinho (@jose_mourinho_fanpage) el


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3. Thierry Henry – 25 million euros

Another tragic story where the coach did not meet the expectations of the club. Henry, a former French player, began his career as a footballer in AS Monaco and stood out as the top scorer of both the national team of France and Monaco. He retired in 2014 playing for the American League in the New York Red Bulls team.


Una publicación compartida por @thierryhenry el

He tried his luck being the coach of the team where he scored around 220 goals. However, just four months after his arrival, the French team decided to fire him because he could not end the losing streak coming from the former coach. However, Henry's hiring cost Monaco 25 million euros.


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4. Pep Guardiola – 24 million euros

The former midfielder and figure of Barcelona began his career as a coach in Barcelona "B", and then, in 2008, go to direct to Barcelona. It lasted until 2012 and in the four years he was in command he stood out for the titles won, in addition to resorting to the quarry to take out the new players. After passing through La Liga, he wanted to try his luck in the Bundesliga, in charge of Bayern Munich and since 2016 he is in charge of directing Manchester City.


Una publicación compartida por Pep Guardiola (@mrpepguardiola) el

Rumor has it, and even though Guardiola has a contract until 2021, City would have already hired his replacement. This is the Dutch Giovanni van Bronckhorst, also a former player and who Guardiola agreed as a footballer more than 15 years ago. According to Mirror Football, it would be the City's plan for van Bronckhorst to become familiar with the good results of the City. Meanwhile, Guardiola focuses on beating Liverpool in the Premier League.

5. Ernesto Valverde – 23 million euros

Valverde, also a former Spanish player, started as coach at Atlético de Bilbao. Since 2017 he is in charge of Barcelona. "Txingurri", ant in Catalan, has stood out for the stable results he has had with the team during his tenure.


However, this season has been particularly difficult, not only for the injuries of the stars (Messi) but for the late incorporation of several of its players due to commitments to the Copa América. Which has led to the fact that during the eight games that have been played in the league, he has had to put six players as the backbone of the team, according to Sport.


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