The 5 most expensive Latin American transfers in soccer history

The transfers of these Latino players were not cheap at all and are among the most expensive transfers in soccer .

Philippe Coutinho and Gonzalo Higuain

These would be the most expensive transfers of Latino players in the history of this sport. / Photos: IG-phil.coutinho, IG-higuain21_

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Over the years, inflation has been constantly on the rise in the soccer transfer market. Although in 2013 the first signing that exceed the barrier of 100 million euros was the transfer of Gareth Bale to Real Madrid, but it was until 2016 when various clubs began to pay 9-digit figures for players who perhaps at the moment doesn't have individual awards or trophies to justify it's price. However, teams like PSG, Manchester United and even Atlético de Madrid, among others, dared to invest these amounts of money . Which Latin American players have been the most expensive on the market?

According to Transfermarkt, a German media specialized in transfer issues and world soccer values, these would be the most expensive transfers of Latino players in the history of this sport.

5. Ángel Di María and James Rodríguez

Both the Colombian and the Argentine are tied for fifth place after Real Madrid took advantage of the transfer market in the summer of 2014. After the FIFA world cup, the Spanish gigiant bought James Rodríguez from As Monaco after his outstanding performance at Brazil, and, at the same time, sell Di María to Manchester United. The curios thing is that both would have the same cost: 75 million euros.

4. Luis Suárez

In July 2017, FC Barcelona closed the signing of the Liverpool striker to reinforce its attack. The Uruguayan Luis Suárez would cost 81.7 million euros for a 5-season contract, which he would then renew until 2021 but would end up going free to Atlético de Madrid in the 2020 summer market .

3. Gonzalo Higuaín

The South American forwards have proven to be expensive, for this reason Juventus CF took advantage of the transfer window in the summer of 2016 to acquire the Argentine for 90 million euros , value of the termination clause that Napoli had. This transfer would be the most expensive signing made in the Italian league according to Marca. 

2. Philippe Coutinho

In a season of great investment for FC Barcelona, in which they signed two players paying more than 100 million euros for each one, including the signing of Coutinho. The attacking midfielder came from Liverpool in the 2018 winter market for a sum of 145 million euros (120 fixed and 40 in variables for his performance and titles), becoming the most expensive transfer in the history of the Catalan club and third of all soccer. However, injuries and lack of confidence made him have to go on loan to Bayern Munich for a season, although in 2020 he would return to Barcelona to rejoin the club.

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1. Neymar

The Brazilian winger is not only the most expensive Latin American soccer player, but the most expensive signing in history after millionaire Paris Saint Germain paid FC Barcelona the termination clause for Neymar for 222 million euros in 2017, being the only transfer to exceed the 200 million barrier. The ESPN sports network reported that, according to a report by Football Leaks, Neymar's signing could reach 252 million euros , since, apart from the termination clause, the Parisian club had to pay 10.7 million to each of the two managers of Neymar , in addition to a "solidarity contribution" to Santos in Brazil, for being the team where the player was trained.

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