The Failure Of Concacaf In The World Cup In Qatar 2022

All the Concacaf teams have failed in the world championship in Qatar 2022. What are these bad results due to?

The Mexican Soccer team

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The Qatar 2022 world championship has entered its final part, where the European and South American continents have demonstrated their superiority over the other confederations. In the quarterfinals of this tournament, there are five selected from the old continent and 2 South Americans, who have been having great performances in recent months. However, the African confederation also has representation with Morocco's surprise victory on penalties against Spain. Despite the great sporting moment of the Europeans and South Americans, we must mention the poor results of Concacaf, a confederation that has failed resoundingly in this World Cup.

Mexico, Canada, Costa Rica, and the United States have been selected to go to Qatar to represent Concacaf. Despite having great players and long processes sports teams, all these teams have failed in this championship, since only one has achieved their pass to the round of 16 of the competition and painful group performances. With this new failure, much criticism has been generated against the preparation of this kind of competition for this continent, with the directors of each federation being responsible for these premature eliminations.

No Soccer In Qatar

The United States National Team arrived at this world championship with great enthusiasm, taking into account the sporting process that had been taking place for several years, where young players began to be essential for the game of the North Americans. Despite this, those led by Gregg Berhalter have only achieved one victory in four games played.

In addition to getting only one win in this tournament, their elimination against the Netherlands has been one of the most painful in recent years, remembering that the European team has passed over them throughout the game, leaving all the players with no reaction options. American footballers. The North American elimination has been due to their prudent play and their lack of forcefulness in the key moments of the commitments since during these games they have only scored three goals.

Humiliated And Defeated

The Costa Rican team has been classified as one of the worst in the entire tournament. His two resounding wins against Germany and Spain have caused much inconvenience among the fans of this team, who have mentioned that those led by Luis Fernando Suárez have not competed in the best way and have never had the intention of qualifying for the round of 16 of the end.

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In Qatar, the 'Ticos' have lost two games, in which they conceded eleven goals, an aspect that has made them the team with the most goals in the competition. In addition to these embarrassing wins, their defensive and unproductive way of playing has been the key for their rivals to overcome them without problems in these two matches, thus making one of the most painful eliminations for all Costa Ricans.

On the other hand, it should be mentioned that the little renewal of their squad for this last world championship has been one of the main reasons for their failure, where we have seen veteran players who are currently relegated from their teams. As a consequence of this, a slow game has been seen and without surprise on the part of the majority of its footballers, who have made one of their worst presentations in the history of their country.

The Biggest Disappointment

The Canadian team had arrived as one of the great surprises for this World Cup, taking into account that they had taken the lead in the qualifiers, demonstrating a vertical game where their young talents stood out in each match. Despite these great performances, with the passing of the commitments in Qatar, the Canadian game gradually faded, an aspect that was caused by their lack of experience.

Those directed by John Herdman have finished their participation in this world championship being the last of their group, an aspect that has generated much disappointment in all their fans. Their three consecutive defeats and seven goals have made them one of the worst teams in this World Cup. In addition to these poor results, their lack of forcefulness has been the key to finalizing their elimination, since they have only scored two goals in this group stage.

Imminent Failure

The Mexican National Team has had one of its worst performances in the history of the World Cups, those led by Gerardo Martino have not made it to the round of 16, an aspect that has generated much criticism against the Argentine coach. By specifying his premature elimination, the strategist has taken the determination to step aside, this being one of the most important news in recent months for Mexican fans.

In Qatar, the Mexicans have gone unnoticed, bearing in mind that only until the last game has they been purposeful and gone all out to seek victory, a result that was insufficient to confirm their classification. His elimination has materialized due to his lack of goals and his constant errors in defense, aspects that have been enhanced by his style of play, which has been classified by his fans as fearful and unproductive.

Much To Improve

With these resounding failures, the changes in all these teams have to be a starting point for the next qualifiers for the next world championship, where their managers must begin to work hard hand in hand with their youth categories. with the idea of strengthening in the future. On the other hand, each team must promote the talent of each player, to gradually strengthen all these selected.

Lastly, the change in the defeatist mentality and little game generation of its technical directors will be essential to face this kind of tournament, where it has become clear that any team can go out to confront all rivals in the same way, demonstrating all the talent and giving great surprises, this being one of the characteristics of the World Cup in Qatar.

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