Latin America in Short: War in Ukraine | Earthquake in Japan

The war in Ukraine continues to bring economic effects not only for European countries. On the other hand, an earthquake hit Japan this week. The most relevant of the week summarized here .

Boy holding a flag of Ukraine and Aerial image of the earthquake in Japan

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This week it becomes more apparent how the war in Ukraine would affect global economic growth. On the other hand, Juan Orlando Hernández, former president of Honduras, will be extradited to the United States. In Japan, on the other hand, an earthquake took place this week. And in wellness news, COVID-19 cases are on the rise around the world. Finally, in sports, the Champions League qualifiers were made official. The most relevant news of the week summarized here.

The war in Ukraine would affect world economic growth

The repercussions of the war in Ukraine are already being seen, not only within the European country or its neighbors. Also in all global trade. From the increase in fuel prices to the possible movement of international capital. This, in turn, has repercussions on global inflation. According to OECD calculations, there would be an average of 2.5 inflation across the planet. Additionally, the international organization warned of a possible slowdown in global GDP of 1% less.

To determine these projections, the OECD evaluated the impact of the conflict in Eastern Europe on financial markets and raw materials, if they were to maintain the same characteristics that they have shown so far, for the entire year. However, the country that would be most affected by this would be Russia itself, with more than 10% recession and 15% inflation.

Honduras: Juan Orlando Hernández on his way to the United States

A judge in the Republic of Honduras this week approved the extradition of former President Juan Orlando Hernández. However, the president's defense has already reported that he will appeal the judge's decision. In this way, the last word will have the plenary session of the Supreme Court

The US justice asks Hernández for extradition for drug trafficking crimes, illegal use of weapons and transportation of 500 tons of cocaine from Colombia and Venezuela to the United States, through Honduras. All this, according to the North American justice, carried out between 2004 and 2022. The Honduran president must appear as soon as possible before the Court of the Southern District of New York, where the process is open.

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Earthquake in Japan

An earthquake with a magnitude of 7.4 on the Richter scale shook Japan on March 16. The epicenter was in the city of Fukushima, where there are nuclear power plants that had already suffered accidents due to earthquakes. However, on this occasion, the authorities reported that they are unaffected. However, its consequences have left dozens injured and at least four people dead. Also, the country was on tsunami alert and millions of people were without electricity for hours. Infrastructure damage is still being assessed.

Cases are growing due to the BA2 variant

With this new variant of Ómicron, cases of Coronavirus begin to rebound in the world. In the United States it already aims to be the dominant variant. A report from the United Kingdom Health Security Agency explains that it can be up to 80% more contagious than BA 1. However, studies have determined that it is not more dangerous. In fact, the increase in cases may be due to the removal of certain biosecurity measures.

The WHO has also pointed out that the situation in Ukraine could again increase Coronavirus cases and deaths, as the country's population does not have high vaccination rates.

They are already qualified for the quarterfinals of Champions

Villarreal and Chelsea this week joined Atletico Madrid, Benfica, Real Madrid, Manchester City, Liverpool and Bayern Munich as the European teams that will play in the Champions League quarterfinals. Chelsea continues to be the favorite in this competition, and could repeat as champion. After the elimination of Juventus and Juan Guillermo Cuadrado, the only Colombian left in this competition is Luis Diaz of Liverpool.

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