The Futsal World Cup Players you Should Keep Under the Radar

We present to you the 5 stars that you must watch in the World Cup held in Lithuania.

Ferrão, Cristian Borruto, Izaquiel Gómez

We present to you the 5 players that you should follow closely because they are already giving something to talk about in the tournament. Photos: IG-ferraofutsal, IG-eltitiborruto10, IG-zicky_padre

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Like Tokyo 2020, the 2020 Lithuanian Futsal World Cup was postponed for a year and finally started on September 12. 24 teams gathered for the tournament held in the Baltic country. The Brazilians, Spaniards and Argentines (current champion) are present. The elite of futsal has gathered in Lithuania, here we present the 5 players that you should follow closely because they are already giving something to talk about in the tournament.

Ferrão, the star of Barça

Every four years the Brazilians are the rival to beat, of the eight editions of the FIFA Futsal Cup, the South Americans have won 5 of them, an overwhelming success. Ferrão, the star of Barça, is on a mission to lead the Brazilian side to its sixth world title. Of the 13 goals the Canarinha has scored in Lithuania 2021, 6 were scored by the star Ferrão, 4 against Vietnam and 2 against the Czechia.

There is still a long way to go to reach the title but the Brazilian has made it clear that he is capable of putting the team on his shoulders, not for nothing is the current champion with Barça in the Spanish futsal league, he also won the award for Best Player of the world at the Futsal Awards 2020, considered the "Golden Ball" of futsal.

Raúl Gómez, the Spanish benchmark

A 25-year-old young player is the benchmark in the Spanish team. His experience is not limited to Spanish futsal, he has had the opportunity to play abroad, specifically in the Russian league. Now that experience has brought her back to Spain playing for Movistar Inter FS, thanks to which the Spanish wing is a key player in the national team. Their start in Lithuania has been excellent, with a score against the Paraguayans in a 4-0 win over the South Americans. Spain has a fundamental task, to fight for its third world title, and at the same time to prevent the Argentines from matching its record.

Cristian Borruto, Argentina will not give ground

Argentina is still far from five-time champion Brazil, but if they aspire to one day catch up with the cariocas they must pass over the Spaniards who have two titles. The defending champions have a titanic job, so Cristian "Titi" Borruto will be a key player in this journey. The start has been spectacular for Argentina, they crushed the US in their debut in Lithuania with a scandalous score of 11-0. With this result, the Argentines made the biggest win in the history of the futsal world championships, and Borruto score to be the top scorer of his team, according to data from the Argentine Soccer Association. The player, who competes in Italy, brings his leadership and experience to help the Albiceleste win the two-time championship in Lithuania.

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Ivan Chiskala, the Russian fortress

Russia (the Russian Soccer Union for the ban on Russian sport) has missed the title to crown their participation in the futsal world championships. His name has been constantly present among the best teams in the different editions, the highest point was in Colombia 2016 where they were runners-up. His start in Lithuania 2021 could not be better, the Russian player made a hat-trick for his team's debut against the Egyptian national team to complete a score of 9-0. Although the Europeans has the Lima-Robinho-Romulo trio of Brazilian origin, Chiskala seeks to be the benchmark in this team with the need to demonstrate its ability.

Zicky, the new face of Portugal

Izaquel Gomes Té, better known as Zicky, is a Portuguese revelation. The 20-year-old player is disruptive and explosive. He began his participation in Lithuania by becoming the youngest Portuguese to score a goal in a futsal World Cup during Portugal's 4-1 victory over Thailand. The young center has made a good impression especially in the Champions League final where Sporting beat Barcelona with a comeback that left the score at 4-3, Zicky was one of the architects of that victory. If there is anyone who can stand up to Ferrão and the Brazilian steamroller, it is precisely Zicky .

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