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We bring you interesting and inexpensive suggestions for you to spend a pleasant day at the office with your friends.

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The month of September has become the perfect excuse to strengthen the ties of friendship with our relatives. Playing the secret friend is already a tradition that has even transcended to social areas such as the office, a place where we do not usually have such close relationships despite the day-to-day. In fact, the main idea of these dynamics is to create a greater bond with the other person by giving them a present, beyond having a different and pleasant time.

Surely on more than one occasion, it has happened to us that looking for a gift for a secret friend goes from being something fun to a real nightmare. "What can I give you?", "Will you like this present?", "Was I right to buy this gift?" Are just some of the many questions that come to mind when we begin this journey. Therefore, there is nothing more important than having a positive attitude and being predisposed so that things flow without so many complications.

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Before you start your search for the ideal gift for your secret friend, keep in mind that if you do preliminary research you will have gone more than half the way. Take advantage of office breaks or lunchtime to find information about your friend's tastes and preferences. If you don't get it, don't worry, because here we are going to recommend the most interesting and economical options.

1. A Cup

Is an office where they don't have coffee really an office? Many people tend to start their workday with a cup (or two) of coffee to get active. If your friend is just one of those, there will be no better gift than a mug to keep on his desk. If by chance you do not know which design to choose, you could bet on a personalized mug by placing your name on it.

2. Mini blackboard

With a prior investigation well done, this gift will be a real success. And it is that as simple as it may seem, the mini blackboards are valuable objects for those people who are organized, they always have something to write down, and they do not like to forget the smallest details. Whether you have it in the office or in your own home, with this gesture you will earn much more the appreciation of your secret friend.

3. Agenda / Notebook

An option similar to the previous one but that tends to be more common. Working in an office is synonymous with writing down hundreds of things in a day, which is why it is necessary to have an agenda or notebook on hand. The function of both is practically the same, with the small difference that the agenda usually includes extra information such as annual plannings or a small telephone directory. Whatever your decision, it wouldn't hurt to add a pen too.

4. Pen drive

There is nothing more practical and necessary for our day-to-day than a pen drive, especially if we work in an office. The need to save any type of file is increasingly common, since transporting that information from one place to another tends to be complicated if we do not have such a device. In fact, we rarely take the time to buy one, so it turns out to be an interesting gift in the end.

5. Sunglasses

Why not give something as original and fashionable as a pair of sunglasses? This is one of the objects that is used the most on a daily basis, but almost no one takes the trouble to buy it. In addition, most of the time we are not aware of how the sun can negatively affect our eyes, and that is where sunglasses become a gift capable of protecting us on a daily basis.

6. Book

Many say that giving a book is actually a form of praise for the recipient. If you look closely, there is no person who does not like to read but has not yet found that reading that catches his attention. Just take into account the personality and tastes of your secret friend, as the variety of books to choose from is as great as the effect you will cause when you give it away.

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