The future of field hockey comes with the Argentine “Leonas”

After participating in the 2018 London World Cup, the Argentine women's team is focused on new challenges with a group of talented young people.

The future of field hockey comes with the Argentine "Leonas"

The Argentine Field Hockey Team is betting on a process of generational change that aims to give glory to their country. Although they were eliminated in the Quarters of Final of the London 2018 World Cup, there is raw material to think about a promising future.

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First, midfielder Lucina Von Der Heyde was the best youth player of this championship at 21 years of age. The squad is directed by Agustín Corradini, and next to Lucina there are more players of a great level like Paula Ortiz and Eugenia Trinchinetti.

According to Vermouth-sports, they are part of the new generation of hockey and have shown great conditions and excellent potential. These new lionesses, as they are known, aim to make new records, win big championships and write a glorious history in hockey.



Corradini, the manager of this great project

The trainer of the Leonas is Agustín Corradini who directed the selected sub-21 that obtained the world-worldwide the contest done in Chile. "The beauty of the work with training divisions is to provide them with tactical and human tools for the future," Corradini told MarketingRegistrado.

The strategist added to the aforementioned media that if they go together the training and the search for the result seems to be interesting. Agustín also pointed out that in Tokyo 2020 or in 2024, "Las Leonas" will obtain Olympic gold because of the great work process that has been done.

He stressed to that the most important thing is that the team relays values and inspires girls to want to be like them. Its technical staff has an important support for the coming years as it has given the group security for what has been consolidated.

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The best youth player in the world

Lucina Von der Heyde, who currently plays with River Plate was the best player in the Hockey World Championship in London and has great goals. The International Hockey Federation reported in a log made by that Lucina has been improving steadily year after year.

Also, the media mentioned that "Las Leonas" have a bright star in their ranks that will lead their team to victory in the future. He told that he will always be in the growth stage and that he intends to be a key card for the selected one, as a starter.

He stressed that he always sets short-term goals and that his main objective is focused on obtaining the gold medal in the Tokyo 2020 Olympics. He was part of the team in the Rio 2016 Olympic Games and thanks to his youth and desire to succeed with an excellent projection.

Other young people of high level

The players that are part of this youth generation are Julieta Jankunas, Bianca Donati, Magdalena Fernández and Agostina Alonso. The main peculiarity of each of them is that these girls have less than 23 years old and their talent will be essential to obtain achievements.

At 19, Jankunas played the World Cup in London and was the youngest gaucho player to do so. It is characterized by its character and conviction. "Every time I wear the Argentine shirt, it makes me want to play, I really enjoy doing it," Jankunas told

She also became the youngest scorer of the gaucho cast in the championship that took place in the capital of England. At 23, the defender Bianca Donati is another of the young cards of the 'Albiceleste'. Acts with River Plate and is a native of Bahía Blanca.

"Now the most important thing is the dispute over the Olympic Games. We will have intermediate tournaments, "Donati told Canal9bahiablanca. They are part of a young generation with thirst and desire to show the great talent of Argentine hockey to win titles in the coming years.


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