The most shocking injuries in the UFC

This popular combat sport has a lot of violent injuries .

Max Griffin Vs Ramiz Brahimaj

There have been some unfortunate events in the UFC including serious injuries. / Photo: YT-Cyclone MMA

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The Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) is one of the most popular competitions in recent history. From El Nuevo Día they indicate that it even “knocks out boxing ” in popularity, due to its enormous physical contact, which, at times, can be dangerous.

This is why, for example, from RedGol they mentioned that the UFC is about "pure violence", although it is good. This leads to the incorporation of different hitting techniques, which sometimes lead to unfortunate events that include serious injuries.

The most recent occurred in Las Vegas. The specialized media Olé reported that the fighter Ramirz Brahimaj had a part of his ear popped out after it was completely inflamed. Against this background, we decided to review the history of the UFC and find the most shocking injuries in its history.

Anderson Silva (2013)

According to El Intra, the fighter suffered "the worst UFC injure" … although he returned as if nothing had happened. The Brazilian was a legendary MMA champion, although he had suffered a previous injury to his left leg in the past that had caused further fragility in that sector.

This is why, in a match against Chris Weidman , he had an impressive fracture of the tibia and fibula of that leg that ended the match. That is, he had attacked Weidman, even though his block fractured his leg in two. From Fightland's specialist perspective, the fighter had a year of recovery from this incredible injury.

Evangelista Santos (2016)

Another really shocking injury. The fighter, popularly known as Cyborg, had received a flying knee from Michael Page in a contest held in London. Ordinarily, a hit well delivered could result in the fighter going "to sleep", but the consequences were more devastating.

According to the Depor website, this attack resulted in a skull fracture , whose images can be very sensitive . The injury became evident when he came out of the cage, as part of his forehead was sunken and the bone was broken in several places. Even the doctors assured that "he is lucky to be alive."

Jonathan King (2019)

Again, we see again that the attacks themselves can cause injuries. The Millennium website reported that, in the American Kombat Alliance: Rite of Passage 6 , the fighter Jonathan King suffered a serious leg injury when facing the athlete Chris Williams at the Horseshoe Casino Riverdome in Louisiana .

In 20 Minutes they characterized this injury as "creepy", resulting in an immediate stoppage of the fight. That is, King tried to support his right leg after executing the blow, losing his balance and showing that his leg had moved out of place.

Alistair Overeem (2019)

Finally, we have a “shocking knockout”, which occurred when Jarizinho Rozenstruik finished off Alistair Overeem in the last seconds of the fight, according to Infobae. Through an upper, the Dutchman received a very big impact, which resulted in him losing a piece of his upper lip.

We see that, in the UFC, having so many possibilities for attacks against rivals, dramatic injuries can occur. It will be a matter of minimizing as much as possible the possibilities of their appearance, although without losing the very essence of this popular discipline.

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