The Next Weightlifting World Championship Will Be Held in Bogotá

The next Weightlifting World Championship will be held in Bogotá. For that reason, we decided to review the best representatives of weightlifting in the country .

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On April 25, Colombian sports received good news when it was announced that the World Senior Weightlifting Championships would take place in the capital of Bogotá. Colombia won among eight participating countries and it will be the first time that this country hosts an IWF senior weightlifting championship. At the close of this edition, the final date of the event is unknown.

Although weightlifting is not a sport that has a great following in terms of numbers, the coffee country has been very prominent in this competition in the past. So much so that it ranks 25th in the Olympic rankings, with 2 gold, 4 silver, and 3 bronze medals in the history of the competition. Weightlifting is the competition in which Colombia has won the most medals!

To take advantage of this opportunity, below, we want to show you some of the Colombian athletes who have excelled in this sport.

Maria Isabel Urrutia Ocoro

This former weightlifting athlete was the first athlete in the country to win a gold medal, at the Sydney Olympics in 2000. She is now retired, but during her career, she had several important achievements. For example, he won two World Championships, one in 1990 and one in 1994, competing in the 82.5 and 83 kg categories, respectively. Currently, María Isabel directs the weightlifting league in Bogotá. She is so important to the country that she has a coliseum in Valle del Cauca named after her.

Oscar Figueroa

One of the few Colombians with two Olympic medals, the retired Óscar Figueroa surprised the nation for the first time when in 2012 he lifted the silver medal at the London Olympics in the 62 kg category. A few years later, at the 2016 Rio Olympics, Figueroa shone again, this time with a gold medal in the same category.

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Luis Javier Mosquera

Hailing from Yumbo, in Valle del Cauca, Mosquera is the most recent Colombian representative to have won a medal at the Olympic Games. The first time he was in this event as a representative of his country was in Rio 2016, where he took a bronze medal in the 69 kg category after the third place was disqualified for doping. However, in this edition of Tokyo, he managed to overcome himself, obtaining the silver medal in the 67 kg category. Mosquera is only 27 years old, so we could see him compete again in the next Olympic Games.

The country will be waiting for the date to receive the greatest representatives of this sport that has given so much joy to Colombian athletes.

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