The triple jumper Yulimar Rojas: “It is a special title, I had to take out the warrior Yulimar”

Venezuelan Yulimar Rojas, who won her fourth consecutive triple jump title in Budapest in a final that was decided at the last attempt .

Yulimar Rojas



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The Venezuelan Yulimar Rojas, who won her fourth consecutive triple jump title in Budapest in a final that was decided in the last attempt, declared that the title is "special" because she suffered until the end and had to bring out "the inside warrior Yulimar".

Yulimar registered three nulls during his contest and played for the title and even the podium, from which she was out in the last jump, in the last attempt, in which she reached 15.08 meters that gave him victory.

The champion on her title

"I have always believed in myself. For me there is no ceiling, there are no barriers. It is true that I did not feel good technically and psychologically I suffered. I do not understand it but I knew that I had it. I knew that I was physically well but I had to fight with the Yulimar I had inside and I didn't serve. I felt that the public tried to help me a lot and it was magnificent", said Yulimar, in the mixed zone of the National Athletics Center in Budapest.

"I have brought out the warrior Yulimar, the one who does not give up, and who, despite the difficulties, always takes a step forward. It is a special title," confessed the Venezuelan athlete, who revealed that her coach, the Cuban Iván Pedroso, said at the beginning that it was going to be "a special night".

"It has been like this because it had been many years since I had gone through these difficulties. It is a very worked title but I am very happy," she confessed.

Unlike other seasons, this time Yulimar has spent more time in Venezuela than in the Spanish city of Guadalajara, where she usually trains in Iván Pedroso's work group.

"This year has been different. I've lost the entire winter season and I've been in Venezuela for longer than I should and maybe it's taken its toll on me. I love being in my country, that's a problem with my coach, who always asks me when I return, but I think he is the proudest", she pointed out.

"I remember on the court, in the midst of the chaos during the contest, that he told me 'I believe in you, I know you can do it. It's you against you. Bring out the Yulimar that we know is there'. That's why it's a very special title, that I am going to remember many years. Many people are going to remember it, especially those who did not doubt that I was going to achieve it", she concluded.

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