The worst fouls that injured rival players

Soccer can be an extremely rough sport, these are the most shocking injuries towards opposing players .

Ezequiel Ham lying on the playing field

These are some of the most controversial plays between rivals that have ended in a serious injury for one of the players. / Photo: YT-BDA

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The soccer world generates many controversies. The most recent is the one commented on the MedioTiempo website, where the English Everton goalkeeper, Jordan Pickford , seriously injured Liverpool defender Virgil Van Dijk . Thus, he caused a cruciate ligament injury that will leave him out for the rest of the season, although the goalkeeper did not receive a sanction for his careless action.

However, it is not an atypical action for the world of football, quite the opposite. As it is a contact sport, these violent actions are usually common in games. Let's look at the most iconic cases where, in unfortunate actions, some footballers seriously injured their rivals.

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Martin Taylor to Eduardo Da Silva

One of the most remembered and serious in history. It happened in 2008, when the Brazilian striker who represented the Croatian national team was playing for Arsenal and faced Birmingham.

In that match, defender Martin Taylor made a tough tackle that caused the striker to fracture his tibia and fibula. It was so serious that, according to El País at that time, it was an injury that could have caused the loss of his leg. Fortunately, that did not end up happening, he returned to football a year later, scoring two goals against Cardiff , according to Fútbol Red.

Roy Keane to Alf-Inge Haaland

We have a "story of revenge", as reflected by the Marca. Basically, the story starts in 1997, in a Premier League game between Leeds and Manchester United . Alf-Inge Haaland, father of Borussia Dortmund star Erling Braut Haaland , taunted Roy Keane when he injured himself from a torn ligament.

However, that would not stop there. Four years later, in 2001, according to the specialized TyC Sports website, the Norwegian was on the opposite team: Manchester City. At one point, both players were confronted, where Keane decided to kick him in the knee that practically removed him from football, while the Irishman was suspended for three games.

Carlos Tevez to Ezequiel Ham

Another of the most recognized of the last time. Goal website reviews the events in 2015 when Boca Juniors visited Argentinos Juniors . At that time, Carlos Tevez decided to go recklessly with a plank against an Argentinos youth, Ezequiel Ham , causing him a triple fracture of the tibia and fibula.

At that time, the Boca star was accused of having bad intentions against his rival because the game was quite turbulent. This caused the discontent of the rival fans, at the same time in which, according to La Nación, nothing was the same for the injured, since he lost his place since the injury.

Alex Witsel to Marcin Wasilewski

One of the most serious and impressive in history, to the point where, according to 20 Minutes, it caused Axel Witsel to be threatened to death.

In 2009, the successful Belgian midfielder, from Standard de Liege's squad, injured Anderlecht's Polish defender Marcin Wasilewski , who must have been out for nearly a year. This is why this disqualifying kick angered rival fans, to the point of creating a threat.

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