These are goal scores that went into history in the World Cup

The big markers are important data in the history of a match, a team or a championship, and this is the case of the 2018 FIFA World Cup.

In the 2018 World Cup inaugural match, Russia started with a right foot by scoring five goals against the Saudi Arabia National Team. However, beyond the three points reached by the host team, this result also represents the biggest win in an initial game of the 21st century World Cup. For 2002, France fell 1-0 against Senegal; in 2006, Germany beat Costa Rica with a 4-2 score; in 2010, South Africa tied a goal score with Mexico; and in 2014, Brazil beat Croatia 3-1.

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Another curious fact that this game leaves, according to the newspaper El Clarín, is that it is not the first time that a 5-0 marker is made present at the opening game of a World Cup. In 1954, Brazil gave the same amount of goal scores to Mexico, in a World Cup that premiered with four games at once. However, these scores are not the only ones that have been presented at the FIFA World Cup. On the contrary, much of the history of this competition can be counted by means of the big results present in said tournament.

The misfortune of Mexico

According to information collected by the Futbolred portal, the World Cups from 1950 to 1962 had a special detail: Mexico participated in the inaugural match of all of them. However, this data is not kind at all with the ‘Tri’, because in the four games the National Team lost, and three of them were by a landslide victory.

According to official data by the FIFA, for the 1950 World Cup Brazil officiated as the venue of the fourth edition of this Cup, and as host began the tournament against the Aztecs. The match ended with a 4-0 win in favor of the ‘Canarinhos’. In addition, on the second date the Mexican team fell again with a 4-1 score against Yugoslavia.

In the same way, in the archives of the maximum organization of the worldwide soccer it can be found that in the 1954 World Cup, which took place in Switzerland, the Mexican National Team dropped 5-0 in one of the four inaugural matches, again against Brazil. Four years later, in Sweden 1958, Mexico was once again one of the teams that welcomed the World Cup. The result was 3-0 in favor of the Europeans.

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The magic of Switzerland 1954

In addition to the defeat of Mexico against Brazil, Switzerland 1954 also has in its books two epic moments, in relation to the history of the goal scores in the World Cup. That is because two of the three matches that have seen the most goals in all editions of the World Cup happened in this World.

The first was on June 20, 1954, according to the FIFA website, when the teams of Hungary and Federal Germany faced each other. In an incredible performance of both teams, the final result of that match was an incredible 8-3 in favor of Hungary.

These same teams met in the final of the tournament and, to the surprise of the attendees, Federal Germany managed to leave behind the win in the group stage to beat the Hungarians 3-2, in what is known as ‘The Miracle of Bern.’ “Suddenly we fell asleep, and when we woke up we were losing by 3-2”, said the Hungarian Ferenc Puskás, quoted by the newspaper As.

On the other hand, the second match was in the quarterfinals, in the match between Austria and Switzerland, the home team. The seven goals scored by the Austrians, as well as the five of the Swiss, signed the biggest result of the FIFA World Cups, with 12 goals in total.

Hungary 10-1 El Salvador

However, the 12 goals that were between Switzerland and Austria is not considered the biggest win in history. For some experts like Álex Grijelmo, columnist for the newspaper As, this term can be used when the goal score difference is equal to or greater than three, so the two extra goals with which the Austrians eliminated Switzerland from their World Cup cannot be considered like that.

For this reason, the 10-1 of Hungary over El Salvador, in Spain 1982, is considered the biggest landslide victory in the history of the World Cup. Although only 11 can be counted (the same ones of the 8-3 of Hungary and Federal Germany in 1954, and one less than the 12 goals of Austria and Switzerland), the difference of 9 goals (as well as the record of the highest number of goals scored by a team in the same World Cup match) make it almost unbeatable.

However, for some media such as CNN, Hungary’s 9-0 win over South Korea in 1954 and from Yugoslavia to Zaire in 1974 should share the title of the world’s top goals. After all, they also have 9 goals difference between one team and another, with the plus that the winner did not receive a single goal. However, the debate is still open.


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