These Are the Highest Paid Formula 1 Drivers of 2021

The salary these racers receive has been one of motorsport's best-kept secrets. Here we tell you who are the best paid in this discipline.

Lewis Hamilton, Max Verstappen and Fernando Alonso

Formula 1 usually keeps the salary of its protagonists secret, but not because they are too high or too low, but because of the controversy that exists over the inequality between them. Photos: IG-lewishamilton, IG-maxverstappen1, IG-fernandoalo_oficial

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Leadership, intelligence, a cool mind, consistency, and above all skill behind the wheel, are just some of the qualities that Formula 1 teams look for in drivers to make them a good contract proposal. The world of motorsport, unlike other more popular sports, usually keeps the salary of its protagonists a secret, but not because they are too high or too low, but because of the controversy that exists over the inequality between them.

As many know, Formula 1 is an industry that moves a lot of money, since they need to invest exponentially in order to get good dividends to all those involved at the end of the season. The costs of the development of the vehicles, the salaries of the drivers and the three main executives of each team, as well as the marketing part, are three important points that are not included in the budget limit that they are applying in the highest category of motorsport.

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In fact, for 2021, F1 began to apply strict procedures in its finances, in part because of what the COVID-19 pandemic has meant, managing a cap of 145 million dollars for this season that will later be reduced to 135 million by 2023. As recently published by Forbes, the top ten highest-paid drivers are expected to have a collective income of $ 211 million in addition to the customary bonuses for racing victories.

F1: A fight that extends to bank accounts

And, as often happens in many sports, the eternal struggles between the grown-ups and the boys also occur with Formula 1 teams. Each team must deal with a budget that, for obvious reasons, is not usually balanced with respect to others. . The same happens with the salaries of the pilots. Carlos Sainz ($ 8 million), Lando Norris ($ 9 million), Daniel Ricciardo ($ 10 million), Valtteri Bottas ($ 10 million), and Charles Leclerc ($ 12 million) belong to the bottom of the ten highest-paid. Do you know who is in the top-5?

Sebastian Vettel

Although the German's trajectory has been declining, no one doubts the dexterity he possesses behind the wheel. While racing for Red Bull, Vettel won four consecutive championships (from 2010 to 2013), something that served to make the jump to Ferrari. For this 2021, the Aston Martin driver is performing well below his previous standards, but that does not take away all that he has reaped in the last decade. His total earnings – without bonuses – are $ 15 million.

Sergio Pérez

Proudly representing Latin America, the Mexican is among the top earners in Formula 1. His first year with Red Bull Racing is being phenomenal and his connection with Max Verstappen has pushed the team to compete for the constructors' championship of 2021. The 31-year-old pilot has a particularity regarding his earnings, since the total of the bonuses (13 million) far exceeds his net salary (5 million), generating a total of 18 million dollars.

Fernando Alonso

Being a tremendously popular rider and the oldest (39 years) of the current season places him on the podium as one of the best paid. Although he was two years away from the F1 tracks, the Spaniard returned from the hand of the Alpine team, where he will receive a single salary of 25 million without bonuses. It is worth remembering that Alonso won two championships with Renault (2005 and 2006), has competed in the Indianapolis 500, in the Dakar Rally, and triumphed in the 24 Hours of Le Mans and 24 Hours of Daytona races.

Max Verstappen

One of the most remarkable things about the Belgian is that in 2015 he became the youngest driver (17 years old) in the history of F1 and later the youngest to win a race. The Red Bull Racing team boasts an exceptional racer who is emerging as the next icon of the motorsports industry. For this year, Max projects total earnings of $ 42 million, which includes bonuses and his net salary of $ 25 million.

Lewis Hamilton

Undoubtedly, the first place on this list should belong to the best runner of the last decade. The Briton last year equaled Michael Schumacher's record of seven F1 drivers' championships, also dominating the competition in terms of earnings. His salary for 2021 is 55 million dollars, which added to the bonuses would generate an approximate total of 62 million. The Mercedes driver is, without a doubt, the franchise athlete of motorsport.

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