These are the Latin American National Teams that do not have a coach

In Conmebol, 6 of the 10 National Teams already have a official technical director, the other four do not

These are the Latin American National Teams that do not have a coach

The South American soccer teams have already taken the first kick, after the 2018 World Cup in Russia. The ten teams that are part of the South American Football Confederation (CONMEBOL) had some friendly clashes on September 7, except for Chile and Paraguay.

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Chile canceled its match against Japan because of a strong earthquake that shook the Asian country, while Paraguay did not prepare any meeting for this date. Only six South American National Teams are clear who and what they are going to play with, knowing that the 2019 Copa América and the 2022 World Cup in Qatar qualifiers are just around the corner. These teams are:

  • Brazil, Tite
  • Chile, Reinaldo Rueda
  • Ecuador, Hernán Gómez
  • Paraguay, Juan Carlos Osorio
  • Peru, Ricardo Gareca
  • Venezuela, Rafael Dudamel

The other four do not yet have a defined technical director or, what is the same, a serious sports process.

Colombia: the goodbye of Don José

"Today the professor has expressed his decision to retire from the Colombia senior team (…) there was no reason other than another personal decision, we did not touch other issues," said on September 4 the president of the Colombian Football Federation (FC, by its acronym), Ramón Jesurún, in relation to the departure of José Néstor Pékerman.

With the departure of Pékerman, an end to a process in which "as a team we had a change of mentality and a leap of quality in all aspects, from the smallest details of a training, to the greatest goals we set ourselves ", as reflected by the Colombian National Team forward, Radamel Falcao, on his Instagram account.


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But what can we expect now? For the moment, the baton will be taken by the current coach of the Sub-20 category, Arturo Reyes, who will act as a technician in charge until further notice, according to the FCF.

Argentina: start again

The elimination of Argentina in the Round of 16 of the 2018 World Cup in Russia meant the end of the Sampaoli era, which was not as extensive or as fortunate as was initially believed. Since then, the albiceleste team does not have the indicated leader to start the new project that the Argentine Football Association (AFA) wants to undertake.

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Youth is part of the process that begins with players like Lautaro Martinez and Mauro Icardi of Inter Milan, and Paulo Dybala of Juventus, commanding the attack of Argentina. "For them, it is an important moment because after a World Cup a new stage begins and everyone wants to be. There are players that we believe will have a huge future," said Lionel Scaloni, the Argentine team's interim coach.


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With Pablo Aimar as his right hand, Scaloni was appointed by the AFA to face the friendly past against Guatemala and against Colombia, on September 11. "The AFA informs that, after the meeting of the Executive Committee, Lionel Scaloni will direct the next friendlies of the National Team, along with his collaborators Pablo Aimar and Martín Tocalli" , was the statement that the highest soccer agency in Argentina published on its website .

However, the albiceleste will have to start his new path without Lionel Messi as the main referent of the team, and without even knowing if the FC Barcelona player has or will not return to the National Team in the future.

"Today there are no expectations regarding the National Team. There are many things to change in the AFA (…) Much is missing for a process that has to start as soon as possible (…) Leo calculates that this process will take two years, at least. And then we will have to see how it can be amalgamated (sic) him in all this question, "explained an anonymous source close to Messi, in conversation with El Clarín.

Less serious cases but without formal commitment

Uruguay and Bolivia are the other two teams that still do not have an active process among their ranks. The Uruguayan team is much more "lost" than its Bolivian counterpart. On the part of the charrúa has not materialized the renewal with Óscar Tabárez, coach who has directed the celeste for the past 12 years.

Consequently, Fabián Coito, former soccer player and current coach of the Sub-20 category was in charge of the Uruguayan bench in the friendly that his team played against his namesake from Mexico.


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Bolivia, meanwhile, will have the services of Venezuelan César Farías, who has already led his country National Team and today is the coach of The Strongest club.


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However, although Farias' entry as coach of the Bolivian team is almost certain, it has not yet been formally carried out by the Bolivian Football Federation (FBF) and he will have to act as interim coach in the Bolivian team's friendly matches. "In a couple of weeks or in a maximum month the appointment of César Farías will be officialized (…) He would take over the Green since January," said the president of the FBF, Cesar Salinas.

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