Unbelievable! Real Madrid does not have a women’s soccer team

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Real Madrid, the UEFA Champions League's top winner, and the best team in history, according to France Football, is behind the times because they do not have a women's team

Unbelievable! Real Madrid does not have a women's soccer team

Recently the Minister of culture and sport of Spain, José Guirao, said he is going to ask the president of Real Madrid, Florentino Perez, to create a women's soccer team as a necessary action due to the growth of this discipline in the country.

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The minister justified his request by ensuring, on the radio program 'El Transistor' of Onda Cero, that: "It is the only big European club that does not have a women's team and I want to ask you to do it. I think Real Madrid has to make a female team", according to the Spanish newspaper EcoDiario.

According to the newspaper Marca, it is not the first time that a public figure proposes the formation of a women's team for Real Madrid, but it is the first time that the suggestion comes from an important personality of politics.


Although the rise of women's football in Europe is increasing, there are still teams that do not have a women's league, as is the case not only of Real Madrid, but also of clubs such as Celta, Getafe, Valladolid, Borussia Dortmund, and Monaco.

According to the Spanish newspaper El Confidencial, Florentino Pérez has not made the decision to create a female team because after some consultations with experts he could establish that this is "an investment that does not offer any kind of return".

However, other important clubs have decided to take risks and choose to form women's teams, which in many cases have proven to be as good as men's. According to the newspaper El Espectador, these are some of the most important teams in Europe:

Olympique Lyon: The French club has positioned itself as one of the strongest teams in the world in the women's category, in their record they have 11 French Leagues, 3 Leagues of Champions and five French Cups.

Wolfsburg: After overcoming the economic crisis suffered in 2005, the team regained the first category and since then has won 2 Leagues of Champions, 2 Bundesliga and 3 DFB.

Bayern Munich: The Bavarian club was founded in 1970 and has since achieved 1 Bundesliga, 1 German Cup, and 2 League Cups.

Portland Thorns: It was founded in 2012 in the United States, making it one of the most recent teams in women's football. Despite this, it already has 1 United States League in its showcases.

PSG: It was founded in 1971 and despite being one of the best clubs has not achieved the expected titles, it has only achieved 2 French Cups and 1 Second Division League.

Chelsea: This team was founded in 2004 and since then they have won 1 Super League of England, 1 Premier League, and 7 cups of Surrey County.

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Other clubs such as FC Barcelona, Manchester City, and Atlético de Madrid also have female representation in national and international tournaments. In Latin America, some of the most well-known clubs are the América de Mexico, the Tigres from Mexico, the San Jose from Brazil, the Santos from Brazil, the Colo Colo from Chile and the current champion of the Copa Libertadores de América Femenina, the Atlético Huila from Colombia.

Although women's football is growing more and more, there is still inequality and lack of support that worries not only athletes, but all those who love sports and want to see their teams succeed, both in the men's category as in the feminine.

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Translated from "¡Increíble pero cierto! Real Madrid no tiene equipo femenino"

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