Get to know Khloé Kardashian and Tristan Thompson’s turbulent relationship

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With the recent breakup of the couple, we make a timeline of what was this passionate story where there were plenty of infidelities, parties and drama

Get to know Khloé Kardashian and Tristan Thompson's turbulent relationship

It's no secret to anyone that Khloé Kardashian's weakness has been the players of the NBA and that this taste has repeatedly been a concern for his family.

It was in 2009 that Khloe married Odom Lamar. After having tried to have children and spent a few years of apparent tranquility in 2013, they split up. She was exhausted from his affairs and drug problems, but the paperwork was extended until 2016, because a year earlier, when the former athlete almost died from drug overdoses, Khloé came to the rescue and accompanied him in his recovery process.

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But as the opportunities in love can be multiple, Kardashian tried to take a second chance, and soon began dating James Harden, a Houston Rockets player. In 2017, the player declared in an interview with Lee Jenkins for Sports Illustrated, that their relationship ended, the one that lasted only eight months, had been the best thing that had happened to him.

"I did not like the attention. I did not take anything from that relationship except that my name and my face were everywhere and did not need that. Not that it was uncomfortable, but it just was not my thing. I did not need paparazzi to take me pictures while driving (…) What shoes am I wearing? Who cares! Where do I come from? Who cares!", said the player, who left with the celebrity after meeting her at a celebration. birthday of Kanye West held at the Staples Center.

With Tristan Thompson, player for the Cleveland Cavaliers, things were different: They met on a blind date that a friend in common organized. At the event, and according to the Latina Cool portal, Khloe attended cheated because she did not feel ready to start dating again, but things happened quickly.


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A more serious relationship


By then, Thompson was expecting a baby with his ex, the model Jordan Craig, but the issue of being the new partner of the Kardashian seemed to be nothing uncomfortable because, without media scandals or comments on networks, Thompson went ahead.


In an episode of Keeping Up With the Kardashians, Khloé assured Kourtney about the possibility of making their relationship more serious. "Tristan and I definitely talk about starting a family. He wants to have five or six children with me, that's very cute. We could start with one and grow from there. But knowing that I no longer take contraceptives is a bit scary. It is a big step".


And it happened sooner than expected. In December of 2017, Khloé announced her pregnancy. She was waiting for her first daughter, True Thompson. Proud, and before the program of Ellen DeGeneres, the Kardashian assured that Tristan was "a great father" with his son, Prince Oliver, but soon everything that seemed a perfect moment fell apart.



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The infidelities


With nine months of pregnancy, there were seen videos in which her partner appeared with other women came to light. In one of them, Thompson went in and out with a woman identified as Lani Blair from a hotel in New York and the second, published by the American website TMZ, Thompson is accompanied by three women who kiss and caress him apparently in a club night scene in Washington.


The scandal, which spread throughout the media, caused early contractions in Khloe's pregnancy and soon her mother and sisters traveled to Cleveland to support her.


Later, according to the Cosmopolitan portal, Khloe said that at that time she decided to focus only on her daughter. "I decided to leave my feelings aside for the birth and tried to have all the positive energy possible. My only thought was the birth of my daughter. I was not going to let anyone break what she deserved. I decided to be mature and strong for True "



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The drop that exceeded the cup


Perhaps with the intention of creating a family, Khloe Kardashian decided to re-establish her relationship with Tristan. In fact, the past Thanksgiving gave something to talk about after having made the decision to spend it with him.

Another situation that put many media on alert was the absence of the player for the Christmas celebration of the Kardashian family. However, later it became known that due to his work commitments it was impossible for him to attend. He had games on December 23 and 26.

Likewise, and in their desire to continue with their relationship, the TMZ portal revealed that for Valentine's Day, the player wanted to travel from Cleveland to Los Angeles in order to reconnect with Khloé and the girl, but the busy schedule and commitments once again they made Tristan come out as the loser of the battle. On the Sunday of that week, he attended a party in which he flirted with Jordyn Woods, her sister's, Kylie, best friend and with whom he shares the same house.

According to some sources close to the TMZ portal who were attending the party, things went up to the point where Thompson and Woods were left alone at dawn.

After the rumors, of which there is no visual evidence because apparently, Thompson forced the party attendees to put aside cell phones. The portal El Nuevo Día assures that the Kardashian immediately broke their relationship and the rest of their clan proceeded to stop following Woods and his former partner on social media. Apparently, and as one person close to Khloe said for the TMZ portal, "She has had enough" and there is little chance of reconciliation.



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