Very strict? These Three Diets of Athletes Are Impossible to Follow

Cristiano Ronaldo, Tom Brady and Venus Williams have some of the most difficult diets to follow. Could you fulfill them?.

Cristiano Ronaldo, Tom Brady and Venus Williams

High-performance athletes must follow strict diets in order to compete at the highest level. However, these three diets for athletes take things to the extreme. Photos: IG-christian, IG-tombrady, IG-venuswilliams

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High-performance athletes must follow strict diets in order to compete at the highest level. However, these three diets for athletes take things to the extreme. Here we tell you what they are to see which of them you think you can meet.

Cristiano Ronaldo

The most successful soccer player in the world also has one of the most successful diets. Ronaldo eats six times a day.

For breakfast, he eats a "selection of hams and cheeses with yogurt." Between breakfast and lunch, has some avocado toast.

Ronaldo eats lunch twice a day. Their first lunch is a chicken salad and the second varies, but usually includes fish with eggs, olives, and salad.

CR7 ends the day with two meals. Again, he eats some variety of fish for the first and for the second, he takes some chicken or meat.

Additionally, the Manchester United star avoids alcohol and sugars, particularly sugary drinks.

In total, Cristiano eats 3,200 calories a day. This number is a huge amount for a normal person who is not used to expending so much energy in a day. An “Insider” journalist who tried to follow this diet reported that even exercising, eating all six meals a day was as “force-feeding” .

Tom brady

The most successful NFL player of the last 20 years is known for his unwavering discipline on and off the game. Of course, this includes your diet.

To start with, Brady drinks a large amount of water. On a typical day, he can easily drinks 12 to 25 glasses of water. The amount recommended by the Mayo Clinic is 15.5 cups of water a day for men.

As for food, his diet is high in protein and based, above all, on the consumption of plants. Gluten, dairy, corn, soy, monosodium glutamate, coffee, alcohol, transgenic foods, sugar, trans fats, and overly processed foods are prohibited.

Brady usually has a fruit and nut smoothie for breakfast and drinks a protein shake with almond milk after working out. Their lunches and meals are plant-based, except for tomatoes (fruit), peppers, aubergines, potatoes (tubers), and mushrooms. However, Brady does include protein like fish in his diet.

In sum, it is a very strict and restrictive diet, reflecting Brady's disciplined and serious mindset.

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Venus Williams

Lastly, we have the legendary tennis player Venus Williams, who follows a strict vegan diet. But that's not all, Williams is a vegan who eats most of her food raw.

Williams starts the day with fruit or a protein shake. For lunch, she has sweet potatoes with rice or a vegetable smoothie. The tennis player frequently eats between meals, usually small vegetables. Finally, she ends the day with a Caesar salad.

Which of these diets do you think you could follow? If you are interested in taking one, consult a nutritionist or your doctor beforehand, since each metabolism is different.

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