What Rafa Márquez cannot do in the World Cup for his alleged connection with drug trafficking

In his fifth World Cup, the historic Mexican player has been removed in some situations during his participation in Russia 2018

What Rafa Márquez cannot do in the World Cup for his alleged connection with drug trafficking

Rafael Márquez, a 39-year-old Mexican player, is representing the Mexican national team at the 2018 World Cup in Russia, this being his fifth consecutive world championship. Márquez is achieving a historic milestone, since it equals the record of world championships like that of the German Lothar Matthäus, the Italian Gianluigi Buffon, and the Mexican goalkeeper Antonio Carbajal.

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However, "The Kaiser", as he is also known, has been excluded in some particular situations during his time at the World Cup, which has caused strangeness in the fans. In what situations has Rafa Márquez been censored and why?



The brands do not want to get involved with 'El Kaiser'

As a result of all the investigation led from the United States, the Mexican soccer player has been censored, because he cannot have any contact with people or companies related to the North American country. Some of the most prominent censures are:

-Marquez cannot use the different sponsors of the Mexican National Team in his training jersey. The Mexican Football Federation issued an official statement in which it explained that it made the decision not to hinder the player's sporting and personal actions, as well as the well-being of the national team.

-The player had to travel to Russia avoiding the United States, as reported by his lawyer José Luis Nassar in an interview with Radio Fórmula.

-Marquez had to travel on non-US airlines.

-Márquez cannot drink from the same water bottles with advertising that his companions use.

-'The Kaiser' cannot be placed in front of the logos of the sponsors, while their partners do, as stated by The New York Times.

-The payments for prizes given to the Mexican National Team usually come from the sponsors. This would mean a problem, so Márquez himself decided not to receive any payment.

-If Rafa Márquez were to become the best player in the game, the sponsoring brand that awards this prize would surely not lend his name to give recognition to the Mexican, according to The New York Times.

-The lodging of Rafa Márquez cannot be in an establishment that has ties with the United States.

-In the event that Márquez is interviewed, the managers will not be able to deploy to the fund the usual wall that contains all the sponsors of the tournament.

-If the historic Mexican defender gives a press conference, the moderator cannot be an American, according to The New York Times.

-'The Kaiser' still enjoys the support of brands such as Adidas and Puma, since these are non-US brands. However, the censorship that the Mexican idol has had has been strong and highly rigorous. The Mexican team and the entire Aztec country faithfully support Rafael Márquez, who will continue to be investigated and will continue his struggle to solve his problems with justice.

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Investigations for alleged links with drug trafficking

Since August 2017, Rafa Márquez has been singled out and investigated for alleged links to drug trafficking. The US Treasury Department included the historic Mexican defender in the list of the Office of Asset Control (OFAC, for its acronym in English), accused of lending his name to the service of drug trafficking, according to an official press release of the same Treasury Department.

This situation generates that companies or people that have associations with the United States can not be involved with Rafa Márquez in any activity. For this reason, Rafa Márquez could not go to California, United States to dispute the preparation match that Mexico played against Wales on May 28.

Similarly, the sponsoring brands of the Mexico National Team and the 2018 World Cup, which have unavoidable links with the United States, have censored Rafa Marquez, according to The New York Times.

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