Who are the Best NFL Players in 2021?

Patrick Mahomes, Tom Brady and Aaron Rodgers are frequently among the best NFL players of 2021.

Tom Brady, Aaron Rodgers and Pat Mahomes

Patrick Mahomes, Tom Brady and Aaron Rodgers are frequently featured among the NFL’s best players of 2021. Photos: Flickr-Alexander Jonesi, Flickr-Keith Allison, U.S. Air National Guard Master

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It's easy to mention Tom Brady for his legacy and for leading the Tampa Bay Buccaneers to the title; or Pat Mahomes for being the undisputed leader of Kansas City Chiefs that accumulate two consecutive Super Bowls; But what other names can come up when making a list of the best players in the NFL in 2021?

It's fair to start with the two quarterbacks to justify their inclusion on this list. Mahomes has become, since 2019, an icon. His offensive style is unmatched, and as long as the Chiefs remain highly competitive, it's hard not to include him in this select group. However, his numbers in touchdowns and yards have dropped slightly this season.

Brady, with 44 years of age, is the current champion and maximum winner of Super Bowls with 7, and it must be added that this season he exceeded the mark of passing yards that was held by Drew Breese (41,285) and became the only quarterback to have beaten all 32 teams on the circuit. The "Goat" is going for his eighth title, which would be his second with Tampa Bay.

Other names

The Los Angeles Rams are trying to rebuild themselves and a key player in that goal is Aaron Donald, the league's most dominant player in tackling. In fact, in seven years it adds up to 85.5, more than anyone else in the entire circuit. This year he was again named in the All Pro of the league.

It is impossible not to mention Aaron Rodgers, who at 38 years of age continues to be the soul of the Green Bay Packers and who this season has merits to at least be considered for the MVP, an award that was awarded the previous season. Of course, he is widely surpassed by Brady in yards after 13 games.

Another name that has earned its place on this list is TJ Watt, who in 2021 is endorsing what he did in 2020 but with the difference that this year the Pittsburgh Steelers are not so sure to qualify for the postseason. Watt led the NFL last season with 15 interceptions and a deserved first-team All-Pro spot.

Derrick “King” Henry is one of the most dominant running backs in history. His skills in the Tennessee Titans are undeniable. In this 2021, he was on his way to his second season of 2,000 yards in a row, but an injury separated him for several weeks. Still, due to the conditions and intensity of the game, he should not be left out of this select group.

When talking about receivers, and this to include another position of impact in the game, we must mention Travis Kelce, of the Kansas City Chiefs, who has been considered the best in his work for three consecutive seasons. This year he is not accompanied by the numbers, but even so, he is close to 100 receptions and is still a key piece when his team attacks. Perhaps we are talking about the best tight end of the last five years.

Jonathan Taylor

Ciro Procuna, narrator for ESPN Mexico of the NFL, commented in a chat with Latin American Post that his best players list for this 2021 season are led by the legendary quarterbacks, Aaron Rodgers and Tom Brady. Procuna emphasizes even more on the second, despite because the first of those mentioned was the MVP of the previous season. The reason is that Brady has thrown 900 more yards than Rodgers and a considerable sum of touchdowns more.

“I add to that list Jonathan Taylor, a ball runner for the Indianapolis Colts of great value to his team and who, after the injury of Derek Henry of the Tennessee Titans, has become the best in the league. The fourth on the list for me is a defender, and that is TJ Watt of the Pittsburgh Steelers who has already given important demonstrations such as in his three interceptions against Lamar Jackson of the Baltimore Ravens”, added the renowned Mexican communicator.

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"The fifth name is a bit difficult for me to add, but I'm going with Cooper Kupp, wide receiver for the Los Angeles Rams, who has been the most outstanding of an inconsistent team and who has made the most of the presence of Matthew Stafford as quarterback," he concluded Procuna in her testimony for Latinamerican Post.

Who's the best?

This is the longest season in the history of the NFL due to the unprecedented 17-game schedule, and in general, many of those mentioned maintain their numbers from the previous season, so we are in the presence of dominant players in their positions and leaders. of their teams.

Perhaps, Taylor's presence is the most surprising for being the youngest player mentioned, while Rodgers and Brady seem to be the two players with the best chance of repeating their achievements from the previous year, the two being the oldest.

According to an offseason vote by the NFL Network, Mahomes is the best player in the league. However, this process was linked to the opinion of the fans and not to the evaluation of the specialists. The league television revealed that, in the league, Mahomes edged out Brady, Rodgers and Donald, but at this particular moment, these three would be on a better level than the Chiefs quarterback.

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